Ongoing Danger to The Great Barrier Reef

Before and After Dredging - Guess which is which.

Before and After Dredging – Guess which is which.



To start the whole post off on the right foot lets start with a little show and tell.  This photo is of Gladstone harbor which is situated along the Queensland coast. It’s become an environmental disaster with local fishing industry destroyed, sending thousands out of jobs and families in danger of losing homes.

Dredge This ?

Dredge This ?

Now the Queensland Minerals Council is spending money again on an advertising campaign [steering clear of social media this time – oops someone got burnt] which is aimed at proving that dredging does nothing to harm the environment and that dredging and/or dumping in the Great Barrier Reef will not damage it in any way.

We have no proof of any adverse effects of dredging the reef.

We have no proof of any adverse effects of dredging the reef.

If these guys were fairy tale creatures they’d all be battling for the role of Pinocchio.

In response to demands from groups around Australia and indeed from around the world to stop dredging and prevent dumping in world heritage listed areas our Illustrious leader decided that the best course of action was to try and have those listings revoked even in the face of disapproval from the International Monetary Fund and major Scientific groups who oppose the idea vehemently.

We need your help. Chip in, share this post and help us fight back against the Queensland mining industry who are in bed with the government and sharing ads. If you or anyone you know is able to donate to the Fight For the Reef Fund, simply follow the link to find out how your money would be spent and why.  If you can’t please share the message with as many as you can as it is approaching a critical point here in Australia.

Below I’ve finished this with a clip from Bob Irwin [Steve Irwin’s father] who speaks about the danger to the Reef and the fact that it belongs not to Queensland, Australia or any government body but to each and every person on this planet and to destroy it is to destroy something that can never be replaced.




9 thoughts on “Ongoing Danger to The Great Barrier Reef

  1. Now that was a powerful presentation. I wasn’t aware that such danger threatens the reef. In your opening pre/post dredging photos Jenni, the post picture shows what appears to be a great deal of ground cover stripped from the land leaving a brown scar. What is that? And is the water coloring a result of the dredging or from other industrial activity? It is scary when one compares it to the underwater reef activity that juxtaposes in the right picture.

    Nicely crafted with an excellent video to close.


    • Gladstone harbour resides just below the reef and the impact is already being felt in parts of it. The massive dredging has allowed the water to erode parts of the mainland and adversely effected water levels in the channel. As a result the fishing industry is devastated and there is little protection from the monsoon season or flooding for the those who live further inland.

      These shots were taken less than 10 years apart and are just some of the scenes that give lie to the assertions from the mineral council about the lack of negative impact on the Reef.


  2. Reblogged this on Animal Love and commented:
    The Great Barrier Reef is home to many amazing animals- animals that I hope to see one day when I visit Australia. But the reef is in danger. Can you do anything to help?


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