Lest We Forget. “Remembering Abbott’s Past”

This covers just about everything that comes to mind in regards to the unfitness of this man to lead this country, to have a say in our future and to be trusted to act in our best interests.

The Australian Independent Media Network

Abbott Lest We Forget.

The Guardian has judged him as ‘’politically incorrect to the point of dementia’’

New Statesman said Abbott represents ‘’politics at its most crass, exploitative and disturbing’’

UK Labour MP Paul Flynn called him ‘’a bigoted airhead’’

The LA Times called itself ‘’scandalised by his prejudices’’

The Sydney Morning Herald said ‘’Tony Abbott had plumbed new lows in government decency’’

Le Monde thinks he is ‘’sexist and vulgar’’

The influential Huffington Post said ‘’he is simply an idiot’’

In the midst of the New South Wales Premier’s resignation a reporter asked a seemingly legitimate question about corruption on the conservative side of politics in that state. The Prime Minister’s reaction was indeed unbefitting of the highest office in the land. His anger at the mere suggestion of corruption from his side of politics was palpable. Lest we forget.

But then his ability to feign indignation is only surpassed by that of…

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10 thoughts on “Lest We Forget. “Remembering Abbott’s Past”

    • That is the question – it was a really messy election and the Labor party had decimated itself, mainstream media backed Abbott for financial reasons [murdoch has controlling interest in most media in Australia] and Abbott himself ran a pretty good scare campaign regarding boat people taking all our jobs. Still no one will admit to voting for him now, he won’t last another term but he still has 2 years to screw things up even further.


      • Oh he’s a Rupert Murdock pal huh.. He’s no friend of mine! Why do people think that Rupert Murdock has their best interests in his mind? I just don’t get it.. How are your koala friends doing and python friends doing?


      • It’s approaching sleepy time for pythons as it is moving into Winter, or what qualifies for winter in North Qld. That means they’ll be holing up in warm dry spots for much of the season so I think our friend in the roof will stay put for awhile. We’ve only seen him twice and he’s not huge just large but we have no problems with rodents, possums or bats in the roof so I’ve always been happy to follow ‘I’ll ignore you if you ignore us’ policy.

        As for the Koala’s I’m pretty sure the boy next door has found himself a girlfriend and my neighbor agrees – the noise resembles cats in heat and has mucked up my sleep for the last two nights.

        As for Murdoch – he has no one’s interest other than his own at heart. I think that’s why there has been the recent attempts to crack down on social media as no one pays any attention to mainstream media anymore as everyone knows its manipulated so they go online to alternative news sources or direct feed into government debates etc.

        They have no control over what is reported or said and it has been having a huge impact on their numbers as well as spelling BIG trouble for the current government.


      • Sounds like cats meowling. We get to see koalas in a zoo and they are like saying, please shoot me and put me out of my misery.. A python living on my roof sounds a bit concerning.. Honey have you seen the kids? Don’t they drop down? I’d keep track of my young small kids:) ok I need a time check.. It’s 645 am on Sunday morning…


      • 12.20 am Monday morning or just after midnight Sunday and I’m just off to bed.

        Pythons are OK and no small children to worry about and our cat is a house cat so we don’t need to worry about it. They’re handy to keep out other snakes from your yard as well and since they’re not poisonous they don’t really bother me too much.

        The really big ones with head as broad as a bodybuilders thighs those I stay way, way away from and since they’re mainly in the rain forest areas or the large mango trees further north they don’t pose a problem.

        It’s the spiders I don’t like, even the huntsmen. They’re not poisonous but look darn scary and are about the size of a dinner plate. Don’t like the others either, the bird spiders [cause they eat birds], the trapdoor and the funnel web [that one’s freaky on a whole different level of scary].

        There’s even one that makes this barking noise but they’re only deep in the Daintree [thank goddess] so I’ve only ever seen one that must have caught a ride in someones truck of something.

        Enjoy the rest of Easter and I’ll catch you tomorrow – take care. Jenni


  1. Wow, Jenni, you Australians have some wicked wildlife – and politicians. There are a lot of slimy politicians all over the world. The mayor (Rob Ford) of the largest city in Canada-Toronto- is a coke snorting misogynistic asshole (not exaggerating). Still he was voted in (before his personality became apparent) although his popularity ratings are still high. Unbelievable. But it is democracy. As bad as politcians can be, the voters put them there. And other forms of gov’t harbor even worse assholes. At least we can remove ours every four (or so) years. Mr. Ford is also a “man of the people” with limited education and little manners or understanding of the new generation. I suspect that too many of those who are educated and “upper-class’ have lied and stolen from the public too often to be trusted as a leader. The rich hedge fund managers, the CEO’s, the bankers, the upper-class in general are seen as having become rich on the backs of the poor. They are perceived as immoral, unethical and money driven. consequently there has been a voter backlash against any educated or well to do politicians. Perhaps rightfully so, but still that leaves people like your Abbott or our Ford, being elected to power. This effect is one of many that are becoming clear as morals, ethics and truth are going by the wayside in favor of money, winning and power.

    Oh, Happy Easter Jenni! Hopefully the Easter bunny made it to your place (here typically bringing chocolate and new spring clothes) and wasn’t eaten by your pet python. Ha! I have to admit, I have a hard time wrapping my mind around living happily with a python in the roof to keep out other pests.


    • He’s fine – not interested in us and was here before we moved in so I don’t think it would be fair to ask him to leave. Easter bunny did indeed bring Chocolates – extra yummy!!

      What’s so funny now is you can’t find anyone who will admit to voting for the man – even staunch conservatives mumble and change the conversation when his name comes up.


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