Thoughtful Thursday

different perspective


Having one of those days where it doesn’t seem to matter what you do. Yeah me too, trying to find a way to juggle time, money and relationships right alongside the quest for just a ‘little’ quiet time for yourself.  Nothing seemed to be working the way that I wanted it to today until I approached it from another angle and as a result all the pieces just fell into place with very little fuss and bother. So my thought for today is all about looking at things differently.

15 thoughts on “Thoughtful Thursday

  1. I love the picture and what it illustrates. You’re totally right — sometimes we just have to shift our perspective and things fall into place. Brava to you for realizing it before going down the rabbit hole. Best always, Rose


  2. Funny picture Jenni – I laughed out loud. It reminds me of another funny story. I’m a big fan of submarines. Love to read about them – fact or fiction – watch sub movies, etc. I’ve visited a number of real submarines displayed at maritime museums in the US. Anyway, I read an anthology of true submarine stories – real life stuff that was both poignant and funny, One of the stories told of a top secret highly classified communication system for submarines. It was a wire antenna that trailed out just beow the surface behind a submerged sub. They tested it by running war exercises off the coast of the US. The sub was tasked to remain completely unseen while being hunted by sub-killer helicopters. The sub was a new boat that cost (loaded with munitiions) over a billion dollars. It had all the most up to date technology, including this new and untested communication system, and was touted to be undetectable. So, the exercise started and the very first helicopter located the sub within seconds of beginning. They took video of the exercise and it is absolutely hilarious. About 100 seagulls had found the antenna travelling just below the surface and had perched on it as it moved along. So, the helicopter crew saw 100 seagulls sitting in a straight line, moving sideways through the water at 30 miles per hour.

    Your picture reminded me of that story. Thanks for the laugh Jenni.


  3. So true. I was just sharing this very idea a few days ago on the blog I created for my writing students. Your picture brought a great big smile. 🙂 It’s also nice to hear another writer confirm this. Gives that oh yes, you too, me too, kind of feeling. We may write alone, it being a solitary kind of endeavor, but we are really not alone. Thank you for this post.


    • It is nice to come across those moments where you can say ‘Oh good it’s not just me!’ Writing at times can be incredibly frustrating at times and yesterday nothing gelled in this project I was working on. It should have, all the components were there, the idea was more than sound but it just wouldn’t flow, add to that family and ‘bill week’. I was inches away from starting from scratch when it occurred to me to come at it from a different angle and BOOM it all just fell into place. Thank goodness.


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