Passing the Time with Some Laughs



storm system


This weekend has been divided between waiting to see what happens with Cyclone Ita and an ongoing Australian comedy theme for the Challenge. Well it appears that I have some time on my hands as we are still waiting to find out if the storm will reform or not and how long we have to put up with this wind and rain.

it ccana kill youHonestly it’s been going on long enough that I’m considering purchasing an Ark. The only thing holding me back is the idea of the 2 of every kind of animal catching a ride with us.

evacplanI mean as blase as I am about our native wildlife there are limits. So I thought I would add to the weekend fun with some humorous looks at living in Australia and just what our plan for trouble is and our priorities when preparing.

no eskyOf course in every good plan there are flaws, not to mention things overlooked and it is then that the Aussie ingenuity is put to the test to make sure that all the basics needed to survive during a crisis are available.

Did not want to get left behind.

Did not want to get left behind.

After a crisis is past everyone joins in to help or rescue those left in dire straights.  Of course there are times when the rescuers need rescuing from those determined not to be left behind.  Personally I’d have run for it myself but they left it to late and now if they try to go up they’ll just be dragged down.  This crocodile from the Cape had to be tranked before it let go of the copter.  [another rescue mission up North from a previous storm, this one is still hanging around and it’s not calm enough yet for aircraft]

shark imageOf course once it does settle they’ll be up trying to get an overview of what the damage is.  There will also be those rough and tumble salvage types who go out on the water as soon as possible to check for wrecked or damaged boats.  They’ll claim either the cost of towing them in or if far enough out whatever they were carrying.  These guys are seriously tough as this Great White found out when it tried to take a bite.

wlecom to ozLast but not least I will leave you with this little map of Australia that was put together by an American living here.  It’s designed for travelers from the US and is one of the funniest things I’ve seen of this type simply because of the brutal honesty in how it is labelled.



19 thoughts on “Passing the Time with Some Laughs

  1. I may be wrong (and I’m not one to say I told you so) but I think at the beginning oif the cyclone you said you had enough smokes and I agreed that that was important. You need to send hubbie packing in a rowboat – you held up your end, if he wants this relationship partnership to work, he has to put up or quit smokin’. Ha! As a smoker, I can empathize.

    The post and exhibits are hilarious Jenni. Love the crocodile that didn’t want to be left behind and the Aussie map for Americans.

    Glad to hear that the immediate weather danger is lessening. Keep safe.


    • Thanks – yep Michael can be a passive smoker if he won’t go to the servo (only place we could reach safely at the moment) I called and they are still open.

      Usually my opinion about Passive Smokers is that they should buy there own and I see no reason to change that even if he is my husband.

      So sick of this rain!!!! It’s hard to tell the time, the whole day has felt like early evening because the sky is so dark and its making me edgy.


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