Not Something You See Everyday – Even Here

emus speedingTotally cracked up when I saw this.  I mean what are the cops going to do, arrest them. Like to see them try that – the Emu can gut you with its feet.  Although some idiots have races with them.  Don’t believe me well take a look

22 thoughts on “Not Something You See Everyday – Even Here

  1. I think……….. you’re gonna think this is funny.
    I made a post describing, in detail, a lawyer who simply chewed me up and spit me out. So, I asked my 13 year old to think of the most vicious animal he could think of. He ponders it for a second and says.. “an Emu.”
    I laughed, and said “son, that doesn’t sound vicious at all, pick another one.”
    He said, “mamma, haven’t you seen them, they are DANGEROUS?!”
    So, I picked a Leopard.
    Shaking my head. Out of the mouths of babes……..
    True story.
    Now I have to apologize, to the kid. :/

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    • Sorry about having to apologize to your boy!! Maybe we should send the lawyer here for a ‘camping’ trip. I know some excellent spots where they’ll never find the body

      However if the crocs won’t stoop to eating a lawyer [even they have standards] Australia’s got a big arse desert – never coming out of there alive if you drop him in the red center with no provisions.

      You know just a suggestion!! Jen 😀


  2. t
    Cool photos and video Jenni. I used to be a long-haul trucker in Canada and the US. I had my girlfriend (a city girl – Maureen) with me one trip. We were travelling through a state wildlife park in rural Maine ( a sparsely populated northeastern US state) just at sunrise one morning. The road was deserted and as we came around a turn, there was a baby black bear sitting in the middle of the road. The young cubs sit like a puppy would with their hind quarters kind of slewed sideways with their front paws plopped in front.This one was about 100 lbs (45 kilos). The road was narrow, so I had to stop and I kept the truck back a safe distance.I told my girlfriend to put up her window and lock the door. She objected and said how cute the little bear was (and he was absolutely the definition of adorable) and that she wanted to get out and pat him. I ordered her to stay inside and then told her to watch and see what happened. She was pissed at me but obeyed. WE watched the little bear soaking up the sunshine as he looked around like the fascinated child he was. A few minutes later there was this huge ROARING sound from the bush not 10 feet from her side of the truck. Maureen gave a startled squeak. The trees shook as the roaring was repeated. The bear cub jumped up and ran towards us and then into the bush where the roaring was still happening. The trees shook some more and then there was silence. My girlfriend looked at me and asked: “What was that?” Answer: Mamma Bear, The cubs are never far from the Mother when young. Adults can grow as big as 450 kilos and will attack and kill anything that gets between them and their young. Without their young the bears are shy and will do their best to avoid humans, although if they smell food they will rip the walls right out of an empty camp to get to it.

    I figured that since you showed us one if your emus, I’d tell a bear story. Ha!

    Stay Safe Jenni! (And get your husband to the store for smokes before it closes.)

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    • Very smart move re the bear – always liked your bears but also deeply respect something that could toss me around like a frisbee before having me for afternoon tea.

      Also too late to leave now – the cyclone reformed as it headed south and we’re about an hour away from getting hit. At least it’s only a Category 2 but the winds are bad apparently. I think we could lose power soon as the house is starting to shake a little.

      Just as we thought we’d dodged it and would only get flooding – Oh well. Jenni


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