Looking For A Ride

In the days before the storm system was due to cross the coast in Far North Qld our native animals were on the move even before the residents of some of the smaller towns.  When fire or flood threaten there is always an influx of animals coming in much closer to residential areas than they would normally in an attempt to stay safe.  However this time they didn’t try to hide in houses, shed or silos they came out of the rain forest areas and just kept on going.  This pick was snapped by a local who was taking heed of the exodus and making tracks themselves.  It was taken along the main road leading out of the north – really looks like it’s asking for a lift doesn’t it. [oh meet a King Brown]

snake pic


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39 thoughts on “Looking For A Ride

    • At least he’s just a skinny one. Even before it the clouds moved in the reptiles were moving South which for them is really unusual.

      I just get this vision of some old couple travelling the country in the RV parking at one of the parks one evening and waking up to a motor home full of extra passengers looking for a ride out of the danger zone [not the ones you can say no too either]


      • Don’t worry – they can’t swim as far as Ireland so you’re safe and really he might be long but he’s a small one compared to the pythons etc that are in the heart of the Daintree.

        As for us – we’re just used to them [still scary coming out your back door to see one coming out of a tree etc but not so bad really and if you have one of the pythons in your roof you don’t have any problems with mice, rats, bats or possums.


      • Phew! He’s small? I wouldn’t last a minute over there!
        I don’t mind some snakes, I’m just bit familiar with them. I’ve only ever seen a handful in my life. I never thought of them as pest control though!


      • Oh he’s not small – just normal size for his breed. It’s the pythons and tiger snakes that a the really big ones, sorry didn’t mean to mix it up for you.


    • Seriously BAD idea they’re fast than you. Much simpler to stand still trying not to piss yourself and hope to god they don’t think your a tree to rest in.


    • Maybe a mini he looks about 5 or 6 meters so average for a King Brown but big for a regular brown. I must admit I have an issue with that breed as one scared me silly as a teen.

      I was sun-baking on the deck between the pool and the house when I saw my mum on the veranda looking down at me like she was going to be sick. I went to sit up and she said DON’T MOVE in her mum voice [but with a quiver] and I noticed she was looking to the left of me.

      So very very slowly I turned my head. Coming out from under the decking and heading toward the house as a King Brown. I wasn’t using a towel so when I’d gotten out of the pool and lay down I’d obviously disturbed it by dripping water through the deck.

      It’s head and top part was under the house before the tail was out from under the deck. Totally spoiled that as a sun-baking spot for me from then on.


    • As a rule most snakes here will go in the opposite direction if they see a person. Two of ours are a little different – Tiapan, if you get close to a female with eggs it will hide and track you back to your place to get you without drawing attention to its nest. The other is the brown and king brown – they’ll chase you if they’re in the mood.


  1. Hey,
    Glad to know your good. Was thinkin’ bout you earlier and then I saw your comment to Ali. Sorry, I thought she was talking ’bout somethin’ I said. 😀
    As for the pic…………..shivers and has mild heart attack.
    I have NEVER seen a snake that long or big close enough to take a pic. Which is probably why I’m still alive today…………. 😀


  2. Reblogged this on Open Jotter and commented:
    Is it just me or is Australia a country just full of creatures that will kill you? 🙂

    I would be a gibbering idiot if I encountered that!


    • Yep – we have our share or really more than our share of the scary!! Thanks for the re-blog and don’t feel bad gibbering is pretty standard when faced with a King Brown since there one of the snakes that will actually chase you if you piss them off.


      • They chase you? These things actually chase you?

        Oh well thanks for that. I’m 12,000 miles away and I’ll be having a sleepless night about that now. 🙂


      • Ahh – sorry about that!! Not all of our snakes do only the Brown and the Tiapan -the rest just ignore us unless you’re stupid enough to mess with them.

        Count sheep to go to sleep – we’ve got plenty of them too.


    • I know but apparently even before the major warning went out, before it really started to cloud over there was a mass exodus from the bush and the rain forest. It was this that persuaded some in the Tablelands to come into the shelter rather than ride out the storm on their properties. If the animals were getting out then it was a safe bet there was a reason to worry. Still I think I would have been more than freaked to see him trundling down the highway.


      • I agree – they know, don’t they! Animals are so wise and have such a strong connection with the earth. Any change in pressure, they sense it way before it is even on our radars!


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