Weekend Fun Challenge Is Here Again – Denis Leads the Way

Well folks it’s been a corker of a week here in Oz. Lets just recap shall we

  1. First we get confirmation that SANTOS has had a massive leak in its operation in the Pilburra which has resulted in Uranium contamination of the water basin at lethal levels.
  2. Our Federal government is still trying to push through legislation that will allow Fracking in some of our most fertile farms lands and in some cases in direct contact with the water table. Their big idea is to grant permits for SANTOS [yes folks the one and the same] to proceed with CSG mining.
  3. Let us not forget the new workplace policies for the Australian Public Service that will penalize employees who in their own private time who make negative comments about the current government or speak against legislation that they or their families disagree with on social media
  4. To add insult to injury part of the policies include a dob in you work buddy clause which states that if you become aware of another employee who is doing any of the above that they are to report them or face disciplinary action. So proud to be an Australian when I heard THAT one.
  5. Changes that would overturn the anti-discrimination laws and revoke legislation as it pertains to hate crimes – Can anyone see the logic there?
  6. And to top it all off we have a Category 5 cyclone tearing through far North Queensland and the Atherton Tablelands as we speak.

There were a great many lessor issues that also had me more than a little peeved but as I am not planning on writing a War & Peace length post this time I’ll just keep it to those top five pieces of shit parliamentary skulduggery.

So now we are approaching the weekend and as I’m in a little of a snippy mood I thought that I would carry on the tradition of starting this whole challenge off with a clip from Dennis Leary about Drugs and Rehab.  Now don’t forget that if you wish to participate in this weekends fun to include the following URL in your post to send a ping back. I loved the submissions we saw last weekend and I’m hoping to see even more this time.   https://jenniferann1970.wordpress.com/weekend-funny-challenge/

So if you’re in the mood to listen to a wonderful rant with precision sniping and first class sarcasm then you will truly enjoy this.

14 thoughts on “Weekend Fun Challenge Is Here Again – Denis Leads the Way

  1. You’re a dedicated writer Jenni – blogging along in the middk\le of a cyclone. Ha! Wow, Oz has had a memorable week. I saw some of the items passing during the week and I guess I just assumed that some were from the past – but no, all that happened this week. The media didn’t have any shortage of copy this week – no “slow” news days for sure.

    The video is funny. Thanks.

    Still worrying about you – how’s it going?


    • getting a ‘little’ loud but I don’t think we need to worry too much until tomorrow. Power is already out further up North and when you think that Yasi with 80 km winds devastated mission beach 2 years ago and then consider that winds heading toward Cooktown are still at 300 km then – well it’s pretty easy to guess what’s going to happen.

      The worst for them will be around 11 pm tonight. The Mayor gave an interview just saying that Cooktown won’t be there tomorrow – he was crying so I’m guessing it’s already pretty bad. I honestly think we’ll just have flooding and some high winds as it will begin to break down as it moves south [cross fingers]

      One of the oldest home in Qld is in Cooktown, a beautiful example of the Queenslander style homestead from the 1800’s – it won’t survive but I hope most of the people will. There was still 9000 left when it became to dangerous to continue the evac.


  2. on your list of current events, i find #3 & #4 disturbing…. and the answer to #5 can be summed up best by the tale of when i got “called on the carpet”, reprimanded and “verbal warning” WRITTEN in my employee file, for having a sticker on my locker in the maintenance shop (Union Millwright, 1994-1997) that simply stated that “Mean People Suck”. “Why?” you ask…. because -you guessed it- i discriminated against ‘Mean People’….. i was definitely a threat to the Greater Good of Society, folks. You don’t wanna be caught fraternizing with me and still expect to keep your job, regardless that you may do it well. It’s not like i was gonna burn them like witches or anything….

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    • I dunno a good bonfire every now and then it kinda fun – although not witches as I’d end up on the stake along with most of my family. hmmm maybe conservative, racist, sexist politicians would make a good blaze. 🙂 Anyway I always prefer the rapscallions of this world – loads more fun.

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  3. Hysterical….. I think I have a crush on the a**hole.
    I do love a good rant, but you know this already… 😀
    I’m trying to write a post and it got heavy over here, I’m glad I checked my inbox.
    Stay safe Jenni

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