Rant Against Racism Story Competition

anti hateThe It Stops with Me and the Anti-Hate campaigns have joined forces under the banner of the Australian Human Rights Commission to promote the positive ways people show they don’t accept racism in the community.  If you wish to be part of this competition you can submit stories telling how you or someone you know stood up to Racist behaviour using wit, humour, anger or just by quietly making your point.

Entries will be posted online at the anithate.vic.gov.au and itstopswithme.humanrights.gov.au and the top five stories will receive a $100 voucher for JB HiFi. Remember, every time we ignore a hateful comment we are supporting it. We are allowing the minority to speak on our behalf, hurting our friends and dividing our community.

it stops with meWe hear so many terrible, spiteful or just plain ignorant  stories about Racism that it can seem at times so very overwhelming. This competition is designed to show that there are people out there who will not accept that kind of behaviour in their communities and that they are willing to speak out.

Be it in the public arena or simply stepping in when it is witnessed.  It are these stories that will help bring people closer and illustrate that Racism will no longer be tolerated and those who continue to practice such abhorrent behaviour are not those with whom we would wish to align ourselves.

To submit your story simply follow the link to Rant Against Racism and take part in a campaign that embraces those who speak out and stand up for themselves and others who, for whatever reason, may not be able to do so. If you do decide to participate in the competition I would love it if you would also post your article or story on your site and link it to this URL so that I and others will have a chance to read them and hopefully encourage more people to take a stand when they come across Racist behaviour in their lives.

racism stops with me

10 thoughts on “Rant Against Racism Story Competition

  1. I used to be friends with someone who put someone else in intensive care (if other people hadn’t stepped in, the guy would probably have died) for using the N word. I was only 16 when it happened and was already against racism, and I don’t approve of the violence but seeing a friend get so upset made me stop sitting back and doing nothing just because I didn’t want to start an argument. I’m no longer friends with him but he was doing so well at controlling his anger issues at the time and to see him flip like that over one word. It stuck with me.


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