It’s Good to be a Bitch ‘Cause Sometimes Karma Needs a Hand

opened eyesThere are few things in this world that anger me more than judgemental people who discriminate against those they perceive to be different or less worthy than themselves.  I never truly understood how lucky I had been in my life until a rather nasty and petty experience while at university opened my eyes to some things that once seen you can’t ignore.

One of my friends was turning 21 and her family had hired out this wonderful French Restaurant at the Gold Coast to celebrate her birthday.  It was to be a black tie affair as well as other activities that would span the week-end and although my wardrobe had sufficient evening gowns I decided that I would like something new as it was going to be a very special weekend and because I was a little spoilt and liked new clothes. [so sue me, I’m a girl]  At this time my ex-husband to be and I were attending university and as a result my attire was a little more casual than the average socialite that patronised boutique clothing stores but nonetheless I dressed well and certainly didn’t appear to be a vagabond [as if that should matter anyway].

nzMy ex was very good-looking and always particular about his clothes and appearance.  In my opinion Matt fit the ‘tall dark and handsome’ mould quite well [ what – just because he is now my ex husband doesn’t change the fact that when I knew him he was more than a little good-looking] and one of the reasons for the tall and dark part was the fact the he was Maori [from New Zealand] on his father’s side and had the colouring and build to match.

At the time we were living in Ascot and not far from our apartment was Racecourse Road.  Here you could find all manner of upscale boutiques and restaurants and as I had shopped  at some of these places before it was there I went to look for the ‘perfect dress‘ for the party.  So after finishing uni for the day we stopped on our way home at one of the boutiques that specialised in evening wear so that I could have a little prowl around the store.

We walked in together, I started browsing and as usual in a boutique the owner came over to ask me if there was anything she could do to help. Now I did notice right off the bat that she seemed a little short with me but it was late in the afternoon and I just figured she’d had a bad day. I explained that I was just trying to get a feel for what she had in stock before trying anything on and as I turned back to the rack I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, that she had curled her lip and wrinkled her nose as if I had just pissed on the carpet or belched out some disgusting odour from my rear. This caught my attention pretty fast but still I didn’t really care as I had come across a couple of items that looked promising.

As I went to take one from the rack she practically pounced on me and held onto the gown, as if she expected me to make a run for it and asked me again did I want some assistance. I was beginning to get a little riled at this point because I have never had anything like that happen to me and didn’t understand what was going on. So I just removed another item when to my shock she moved in even closer and explained that she didn’t really like people touching the clothes as they were ‘very expensive‘ and probably not what I was after.  It was then that I saw that look again, only this time I realised it wasn’t directed at me but at Matt, who she stared at as if she expected him to pull a knife or at least blow his nose on the clothing.

Well now all the pieces fell into place and it made a very nasty picture.  Matt stood there with such a look of anger and bitter yet resigned amusement that it tripped a switch inside me. To this day I can’t recall ever feeling so utterly disgusted and furious so quickly and I decided that enough was enough, this bitch was going down.  Drawing on all the years of drama, deportment and elocution I drily asked precisely what she considered to be ‘expensive’.

A little startled and then smug she explained that most of the dresses in the store started at around $800 and went up from there. With the coldest haughtiest, snobbiest private schooled voice I had I informed her that I had worn underwear more expensive than that and raking her from head to toe as if assessing her own attire I raised an eyebrow and said that after all I didn’t think that this was quite the sort of store that would cater to someone like myself and that perhaps I should look somewhere a little more sophisticated.  Walking out like royalty [deportment has so many nifty uses] Matt and I exited the store with a final disdainful look at the merchandise.

However I did really feel that I had not fully expressed how utterly disgusted I was with her racist perceptions and over the top elitism.  That was easily fixed with two phone calls, one to my mother and another to a close friend of hers. I explained exactly what had happened and suggested that perhaps this store and its owner were not suited to its current location and that it might be worth moving it on.  So word was spread to every friend and acquaintance we knew [and we knew legions] who would normally patronise the place and socially blacklisted it.  It’s funny but there have been times when I have felt trapped by the social expectations that went with my family but this time I was more than happy to act the spoilt upper class bitch. The boutique closed six months later and although I know that I should feel bad I really don’t.



I know that there is a price for everything in life and I may have to pay Karma wise but honestly it’s a price I’m happy to pay if it ever comes due.  We’re taught to turn the other cheek at times like that but sadly I am not an evolved spirit. You hurt those I care for and the only reason I’ll turn the other cheek is to reach for a weapon. She shouldn’t have behaved like such a racist excuse for a human being, her own attitude was what destroyed her business I just made others aware of her behaviour.

Matt needless to say was more than happy to see this ignorant fool get her comeuppance. I on the other hand was really shockedas until then I had thought racism was mainly something that was in the past and that most people couldn’t possibly believe and behave in that manner. It was something I never forgot, that instinctive disdain for a person she’d never met or even spoken a single word to.


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30 thoughts on “It’s Good to be a Bitch ‘Cause Sometimes Karma Needs a Hand

    • I was just so shocked – it may sound awfully naive but I honestly didn’t think people really thought that way any more of if they did they were from the older generation. Once you learn something like that, and in the manner it stays with you.


  1. My husband’s family are Sri Lankan – we have been together for years and over that time have experienced plenty of racist abuse. I shouted at a man in a pub for saying ‘look at that girl with the n****r, have had teenage girls scream f****ing p*ki at him out of the window of their limo, have had fellow medical students many years ago tell me that I could do better, have had one female medical student say that she would only want to work for a white, male consultant and so on, too many examples to list here. I see red every time and go beserk! My husband isn’t bothered and just takes it on the chin, a sad sign of acceptance I guess. And now I have two beautiful, mixed-race children, and I feel this overwhelming desire to protect them from this hate and hostility. When I returned to work as an employment lawyer (I changed career) after the birth of my eldest, my partner thought it would be funny to share a racist joke with me – it wasn’t! And I am forever being asked if I am ‘the childminder’ because people just assume that I can’t be their mother. Sorry for the rant, it makes my blood boil!! Great post though btw 😉


    • I know it happens but I just can’t understand why – what does the colour of a persons skin have to do with who they are as a person. It doesn’t make sense, it has never made sense and I’m pretty damn sure it never will. We did have other times when things like that happened and each time the anger for and frustrated disbelief was fresh and strong in my mind. My son, who takes after his fathers side of the family in build and colour [although he has my face and smile – not to mention sense of humour] and the idea of anyone saying something unkind just makes me want to shred everything in sight. I’m glad you have a beautiful family that you love and I’m sure like me you just wish other people would 1) mind their own damn business and 2) die a horrible death every time they say something hateful and racist. Well at least I got even with that bitch in the shop – gotta tell really have no guilt AT ALL about it, which probably means I need to be a better person …blah blah blah 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on DukkSheit Happens………. and commented:
    being a ‘token white-Gyrl’, as i have for the working years of my life, i never dreamed that ‘RACISM’ was ever gonna be one of MY obstacles in Life. but this account has caused me to pause and wonder aloud: and this is a serious question (i hafta begin with that- if you knew me better, you’d understand why): am i the only one that is just now realizing that being a ‘Hippi’ is also a target for racism?! is it ‘new’, or am i just so slow to notice? i really don’t think….. i…. just never saw it before. or maybe it wasn’t a problem for me before. but it hit me really hard one day, when i was in trouble and wearing my ‘nice’ clothes, using my best manners, looking and smelling my best, i actually had the local police called on me for leaving a note on someone’s door as i was stranded and unable to relocate. in the note, i was asking ‘permission’ to be parked where i was -as i was TAUGHT was PROPER- since i actually couldn’t leave without assistance, to begin with. or maybe i’m COMPLETELY WRONG about this and it was the POLITE POLICE that had been called to roust me out…. jus’ sayin’….


  3. I honestly can’t stand racist people.
    We’re all human. We all breath the same air and walk the same earth. We all die at some point. I don’t understand why people act otherwise.

    Good on you for taking a stand! I can totally understand where you’re coming from.


  4. Totally relate to this post. I recently posted about going to lunch with people I didn’t know well, and at the end of the two hours I knew them REALLY well. I didn’t know until that luncheon that that kind of racism, bigotry, homophobia existed. I realized I’d kid myself into believing we’d come a long way in this country (US) . . .


    • I completely understand how you feel. Until then I thought that no rational person would act in a racist manner. After all what the hell does the color of someones skin or sexuality have to do with who they are as a person.

      I was so angry and disgusted at the same time and just under the surface a white hot desire to take that bitch down a peg her two. As I said in my post I know I should feel bad about her shutting her shop but in all honesty I couldn’t care less. I probably have a few lifetimes on the Karma wheel to pay for that little character trait but even now I feel justified to a degree.

      The look on Matt’s face just tore me in two and now I’m a mother [no longer married to Matt] with a son who takes after his fathers heritage – well the idea of someone hurting him [even though he’s 18 now] just blanks out all rational thought.


  5. I know, the pain of seeing a loved one face discrimination is terrible. (I have bi-racial grandchildren and it’s been a many-year occurrence.) I don’t think you should worry about the Karma wheel 🙂 I was reading the Reader newsfeed and someone posted that a new market was discriminating against the LGBT community–I realized it was in MY community! Immediately I checked it out and was pretty mortified that it was taking place in what I thought was one of the most diverse, progressive areas around. I went to FB and could see, word had spread. I felt comforted knowing they will not be in business long. . .so, sometimes “nature” takes its course 🙂


  6. I’m proud to call you friend. And had it been me, I would have done the same thing, not as gracefully, but I would’ve done something. Blacklisting is an accepted practice. 😀


    • Really pissed me off – I have a terrible temper, family trait so I have learnt over the years to be calm and not let it get the better of me. You can mess with me and as a rule I couldn’t care less. Mess with those I care for – BIG mistake.

      As a general rule I don’t play games – not because I’m bad at them but because I’m very good at them but I prefer being straight with a person. From time to time however if someone pushes too far – well I just let the inner me out to play.


      • I put up with abuse for many years, but the very moment he went for my children I lost it. And that was the end of that.
        Convoluted thinking I know. It still affected them.

        But the point is that it PISSES me off for someone to mess with my people as well.
        I don’t “take a shine” to that at all. Southern Twang.


      • silly – it wasn’t a bad idea AT ALL!! and you would make a very interesting character in my opinion – strength vs vulnerability, powerful but still so very human. Shit – no more. I’ll make the notes and put it away until I get Wraith to the editing stage.


      • Hee Hee….. 😀
        I assume you are doing well and things have died down a bit. I imagine the clean up is going to be massive once any flooding has receded.


      • Teeny problem with that theory – we’re further down the coast so even though we know it’s going to flood it will take a couple of days to get here so we’re all in a holding pattern.

        As we speak the tail end of the winds and rain from Ita are moving in here just as the brunt of it moves over Cairns and Townsville. The sky’s gone that spooky shade of slate edging into black on the horizon even though it’s only 4.10 pm.

        No real danger just noise and no signal for the TV and if we’re going to lose power here again it will be around 2 am so we’ve emptied the freezer items into the Eskie with ice so we won’t wake up to dripping meat going off in the heat while we were sleeping.

        Wow I can whinge about the weather – it’s just our skyline is so very big with few buildings over 5 stories unless you go into Mackay city itself. So basically everywhere you look is the horizon with nothing to break it up.

        I’m also suffering from NO sleep so I’m afraid it brings out the whiner in me – like an over tired toddler. 😦


      • I do know how that is, I don’t know what I was thinking. I sleep very little so one day feels like three. It does put you in a holding pattern just for the event and then another for power restoration and then another for clean up.

        When I worked the ER, Hurricane Fran came barreling through and after the wait for the storm, the wait for power and the wait the clean up there was another wait for the injured to arrive. Injuries ranging from the storm itself to the clean up. Chain saw and axe injuries. Car accidents, electrical injuries. I will have the civil servants in my thoughts as well.

        Hey, you can whine anytime you like, it is definitely understood.


      • Thanks – I’m tired, worried about friends who live up North and due to the loss of the cell network we don’t know where they are. Plus waiting for something to happen sucks – not a patient person am I.


      • Patient has never been used to describe me either.
        My thoughts are with you and your friends. Hang in there and try to get some rest. And for sure when you can, keep us updated.


      • Shall do – the two submissions for the Weekend Challenge are up now, one Billy Connolly and another I wasn’t sure about as it is hilarious but I think you need to live here to get half the jokes.


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