Growing Up in the Time Before Timex

My sister sent me this and I haven’t laughed so hard in ages at something that was utterly and completely accurate not to mention a little insightful.

The ideas in the clip regarding  cause and effect and learning as we grow are actually ones I consider to be true, a little harsh but true and whether the new style Ubur Parents[you know who I mean – the ‘perfect parenting machines’ who sit in judgement on other less modern/perfect parents] of this brave new world of ours agree is beside the point.

11 thoughts on “Growing Up in the Time Before Timex

    • Same – I remember we would play until the sun started to set and our mums and dads would come out and ‘water the front lawn’ as an indication it was time for bath and dinner.


  1. That is so true Jenni. I remember my cowboy hat and guns. We used to play war games where getting shot gave you the opportunity to die a truly theatrical death – to the the awe of the survivors. BB guns for target practice, firecrackers as bombs with the toy soldiers and tanks. Fake hand grenades and cap rifles for more aurhenticity. Bullrushes soaked in gas as torches. Paddling around in canoes and rowboats without any lifejackets. Going for extended car trips in vehicles with no seat belts on because there were none in the car, let alone a law. Riding in the back of an open pickup truck while racing over dirt and farm roads. Always with a dog by your side – in stores, malls, where-ever you went so went your dog. A different world and yet we survived.

    Great post Jenni! Brought back many memories.

    P.S. Keep fighting the cyclone!


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