Friday on my Mind – Starting the Weekend Line-up.

These two little saying have given me a lot of comfort from time to time.  While there is no way they wax philosophical about the human condition they do make me laugh and I know that there are some others out there today who need it to. So when you feel down just remember that this is where I have been many times:


Don’t get too discouraged if you read that saying and go – hell that’s me alright. You should never feel bad because of trying but if you do just think of this historical figure:


9 thoughts on “Friday on my Mind – Starting the Weekend Line-up.

  1. Laughing my ass off. I’ve bounced off more walls than I can count…..and yes/no I felt stupid…. 🙂
    I love your sense of humor, I’m glad you have one. Thanks Jenni.


    • Glad you liked it.

      I’m going to have a little snooze I think as I’m pretty sure the winds coming in will keep me up tonight as well as watching for the cyclone to hit.

      Even after the evacs there are still about 9000 in it’s direct path and it too late to move them as the storm front is moving in. The brunt of it will be at around 7pm [5 hours from now] but it’s already too late to travel any further than the storm shelters in Cooktown.

      I’ve been through a number of really bad cyclones but this is the first time I’m really worried [not for me – we’ll be ok]. It’s going to completely flatten Cooktown not just cause some damage, I’m pretty sure it will tear through it like tissue.

      So sleep now, the last of the SES emergency crews have landed up north and over the next couple of days Mackay/Rockhampton will be doing supply drops until the roads and airports open. We’re going to be busy.


  2. Yeah, well, as Wiki puts it: ” After this, the sources focus upon [Caligula’s] cruelty, sadism, extravagance, and intense sexual perversity, presenting him as an insane tyrant.” Caligula can be used for all sorts of bad examples. We can at least celebrate that we don’t live under his rule.


    • Oh yeah – the truly funny thing about that meme was the reason he declared war on Posidion [other than fact that he was barking mad and thought he was Zeus in mortal form]. He had actually planned to sail and re-take Britain but had forgotten to inform the legions.

      So when he got there it was only him and the Praetorian guard [still a couple of hundred] so rather than admit defeat he went to war with the god of the sea and made his men collect sea shells as war plunder and trophies, along with starfish and sea weed.


  3. Haha…I do like quotes (Oscar Wilde’s pithy ones are my favourite) and I love a sense of the ridiculous and these two of yours are classic! It’s such a comfort to feel cleverer than Caligula (didn’t he marry his horse? Or was it sister?)

    Good luck with Cyclone Ita.


    • Sometimes those of us withoutpaws make life too difficult for ourselves by worrying about all the wrong things. Those with paws know what is important don’t you, we should pay more attention to you as we may learn a few things.


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