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not good enough


I think I’m going to continue sharing a thought or saying each day as it reflects on things I have seen or felt during my life. Yesterday we were talking about bullying and the effect others can have on you and your journey in this world. While not exactly the same the sayings I’ve picked for today do take the idea of questioning ourselves based on the opinion of others just a little further.

never explainI would like you to think on the message in the first picture and then understand how it applies to the second.  

Our lives can be spent answering to those who will always view us as damaged, unworthy or less in an effort to convince them, and by default ourselves, that we matter and deserve respect.  Or it can be spent living it. You cannot do both and have a life that gives you joy or has meaning.

It takes courage to ignore the snide remarks of others who would chain you to them with words of humiliation and accusations of selfishness.  It is not selfish to live your life, it is selfish to waste that which you have been given for fear of disappointing those who will never acknowledge your worth.

The pictures are thanks to Spiritualer.

40 thoughts on “Thursday’s Thoughts

  1. Brilliant, wise and timely, Jenni; thank you so much for sharing this today – or any day! Now going to share it on! xxx


  2. I always enjoy reading your work, this was a great, honest and relatable piece. It something that people tend to forget and this just a message that could help settle down and redirect efforts to more beneficial things.


      • We shall see what Friday brings – although I do use the weekend for my Weekend Funny Challenge to lighten the load a little. Humour is important and I love finding out what others find amusing and sharing what makes me laugh.

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      • Yeah I’ve noticed 🙂 I like your weekend blogs. I’ve not got the hang of this blogging business, absolute novice. So I keep an eye on your blog, great read and feeds me with some much needed inspiration.

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      • I’m a bit of a newbie to social media. I’ve only being doing this since February this year. I do have a lot of experience with writing and and articles but it has be client or work directed for many years and this is a way of regaining by own style so to speak.

        Thank you for the positive things you’ve said about U&U. I will be popping over to visit soon but I’m still wading through a pile of emails and posts that have built up while I was a bit under the weather.

        You should join in with us on the Weekend, I’ll put a reminder up tomorrow with how to link in. You know it is something to think of – creating your own challenge to increase participation. Some do creative challenges, others photo’s, humour with me as well as the series I plan. I finished one recently and have started the Land Down Under one now.

        I expect it will run to about 5 posts over the next few weeks, with all sorts of others alongside and then I’ll move onto something new. If you do decide to create a challenge or something similar let me know and I’ll re-blog the info here for you.

        It’s fun this blogging world – so much room to experiment. Hope you enjoy it. 😀

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      • You’re very welcome. I’ve been doing a fair bit if writing and I got the blog mainly to find my voice/style. Yeah the blogging world is a great way to try new things. I would love to take part this weekend. I’ll have my eyes pealed for that link. 🙂 the challenges will be a great way to try out new stuff. I’m definitely looking to make the most of the blogging world 🙂

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    • I, too, could definitely relate to this. I feel that let myself be bullied for years — but I allowed it to happen. I didn’t have enough self-esteem and self-knowledge to stand up for myself. I had to work hard on developing that, and got professional help to accomplish change. As I had been told by people wiser than myself, I found that when I changed, people around me changed, and that’s made a big difference. No longer will I take “stuff” from other people close to me without standing up for myself, expressing my dissatisfaction, or just saying “no”. It’s changed my life and my relationships. I began as a people-pleaser at a cost to myself, Now it is a choice. Good topic!

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      • It is hard when we are programmed in some ways to feel selfish for putting ourselves first. It doesn’t mean trampling over others but simply acknowledging the your opinions, needs and feeling are worth just as much as other people’s. It’s a power game to some and the only way to combat it is to not give them the satisfaction of impacting your life in any way. It sounds easier than it is I know but as you have discovered it is certainly attainable.

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  3. Reblogged this on DukkSheit Happens………. and commented:
    Today I was inspired with another “thought” that belongs to someone else, when this thought of someone I newly & much admire jumped up to ‘hold hands’ with the first. So, in honour of ‘thoughtful/ thankful Thursday, I’d like to round up these thoughts of others that I think are worthy of our group ponderance, and temporarily detain them in my corral, releasing them at just such a time moments before the Thought Police are reported to be soon to arrive….

    “You think I think that an artist’s job is to speak The Truth. An artist’s job… is to captivate you for however long we’ve asked for your attention. If we stumble into Truth, we got lucky. And I don’t get to decide what Truth is.”

    ‘Tabatha Fortis’, Poet Laureate character on West Wing Series

    Please feel free to ‘link’, add or ‘share’.

    And have a Thoughtful/ Thankful Groovi Day!

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    • No it’s not, it is quite fine to care for others and help or support those we love but it is wrong to put your life on hold for someone who won’t acknowledge your worth or to let bullies and such determine how we view ourselves.


  4. Thank you for this post and I hope you get many more readers to view it! It was years ago that I finally had to take that step and admit to myself enough was enough. I got tired of letting others control my life, my actions and most of all tired of making my own decisions based on what others would think or say. My life might not be where I want it to be yet, but it’s better than living based on how everyone else thought I would end up. I control my actions, choices and know my self-worth, not other people and nobody can take that from me again!

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    • No they can’t and like you it took me time to realise that I was giving them the power over me and that it wasn’t wrong to want a life determined by what I felt important. Glad to see you standing strong – the journey is where we find ourselves.

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