Thinking of those in Far North Queensland

storm warning

Cyclone Ita has been steadily growing over the past 24 hours from a Category 3 to a Category 5 and it is expected to hit Cooktown tomorrow night coinciding with the 7 pm Australian Eastern Standard Time high tide.  Thousands are in its path if it makes landfall as expected.

We’ve been told that people on the PENINSULA & NORTH TROPICAL COAST & TABLELANDS NEED TO FINALISE THEIR PREPARATION as weather conditions are predicted to deteriorate even further overnight and into tomorrow. This system will be catastrophic wherever it makes landfall, which is currently north of the Cooktown area

We will be feeling the winds and rain here in Mackay but hopefully unless there is a shift in the pattern we won’t be facing anything too destructive.  We will have to watch for flooding in the days after the cyclone depending on how the water runoffs handle the situation up North.  It is expected to bring winds at up to 280km/hr as it approaches the coast, and these will affect both Port Douglas, Cairns and  Townsville but it is Cooktown that lies in its direct path.

The image and latest information is courtesy of Atherton Live Weather.

19 thoughts on “Thinking of those in Far North Queensland

  1. Prayers for safety go out to all those in the path of this cyclone. Heed the warning from Jenni and the weather services, please, and get yourself somewhere out of the path.

    And, Jenni, please be careful should the storm’s effects spread to Mackay.


    • Shall do, survived Yasi and we have the emergency kit if the power goes [which it will sometime tomorrow] but we’re pretty ok, just winds and rain.

      Cooktown is toast and it’s too late to evac anywhere other than Cairns or Townsville area and they’re going to be hit almost as hard as is the Tableland.

      We’ve all been spending the day collecting canned food, baby stuff and supplies for as soon as the the storm system lessons as they’ll need more than what they had time to bring in. It will most likely be an airdrop as the roads will be out in the North West and the airports closed.


  2. Stay safe Jenni and hopefully everyone will be OK. I was looking at Wiki’s entry for MacKay and it looks like a pretty happening town. Your temperatures are really stable – there’s seldom more than 5 or 10 dgrees difference between your average for a month and your record. Here (Ottawa, Canada) we can have record temps of more than 20 degrees different than average.(either colder or warmer). But of course, you get some pretty bad storms sometimes that we don’t. We can have heavy rain/snow falls but we don’t get the ferocious winds you do .
    Our prayers are with you.


    • Thank you for that and yeah Mackay is pretty cool. We’re far enough north for it to be sunny and close to the reef but not as far north that it becomes so incredibly in the summer.


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