Thought for the Day

Every now and then I come across something that speaks to me. This one did straight away, and not just because Katharine Hepburn is one of my favourite actresses but that this saying so embodied what it was I liked about her.

Given some of the changes coming in regards to social media and the public service I felt that this was the perfect way to express my attitude, and that of my husband, to the problem we may face due to his work in a government department and my rather negative posts regarding our countries political leaders.

katherin hepburn - fun

26 thoughts on “Thought for the Day

  1. Sounds like you’re in for an interesting ride – or as they say at the Amusement Park: Please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times. Ha!


  2. Agree! My daughter Facebooked, that government employees can be sacked for voicing any opposition to the government on social media. How’s that for free speech, considering they’re allowed to be biggots!


    • Yeah – it was easier to read after OM helped with the formatting but it was a little bland for me so I decided to play with the background.

      Glad you liked the image – I think it’s important to remember sometimes that life is hard but also meant to be fun!!


  3. The Coalition – protecting the rights of the bigots to be bigots; taking away the rights of the people to be critical of their government.


    • I know – it’s disgusting. I wrote about it in my good news bads new post a few days ago. It’s a disgrace and I don’t know how they think people will stand for it. Although they have been clever – not making it law only work policy skates close to the line of censorship but may not actually cross it legally, it does in spirit but as I said they’ve been cunning.


    • Thanks for taking the stop by and visit. I’ve read some pieces about her but not a specific biography, which come to think of would be interesting. I may just search one out.


  4. Balancing the line between the public and the private is tricky. My husband works in a very public position and the way he is perceived is incredibly important to his success. I have not pushed the envelope in my writing, yet…
    I wish you well!


    • It’s not so much the importance of the position but the fact that all public servants are now having the social media activity curtailed by the current government. It is considered a breach to print anti-government posts even in your own time, on your own computer under a user name. I’m not too worried – growing up as the daughter of a politician I am somewhat used to doing the knife edge dance of propriety – I just can’t be bothered in regards to the right to freedom of expression. We’ll just have to see where it leads.


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