Calling A Time Out


sick day 2


Okay okay, after not sleeping and another round of stomach flu I am calling a surrender. Β I’ve got a doctor’s appointment for tomorrow and I think that I’ll take the rest of the day to curl up in a little ball and play least in sight.





Sadly as much as I want to curl and spend some time sleeping in a comfy place like the bed or couch I think it far more likely that I’ll spend Vitaminwatermost of the day drinking vitamin water to keep my levels even and fluids up and as for spending time all curled up somewhere comfortable I have the uneasy feeling that the room I’ll be spending the most time in today [as in previous days] will be lacking in such comfort although I guess it does have a seat but a throne does not in my opinion make the experience any less horrible and I would much prefer to be asleep in bed.battroom

41 thoughts on “Calling A Time Out

  1. Hi there Jenni! I just wanted to say thanks for the follow. I’m still trying to find my legs in the blogosphere and appreciate each and every person who takes the time to visit me. I’m just getting over a bout with stomach flu so I can appreciate what you might be going through. I’ll take the tip from you about the vitamin water. You have a beautiful blog.


    • Thanks – I’m feeling a bit better after taking a couple of hours to rest this arvo but will still head to the GP tomorrow as I’ve been fighting this bug for over a week and am heartily sick of it.

      Glad you like the blog – I’ll look forward to hearing from you in the future. Jenni


  2. I am so sorry to hear you are unwell. I have spent many an unhappy hour in that room ( troubles steming from by accident) Try and keep warm and rest , if you can’t sleep try and watch TV. Hugs and get better soon! xxxxxxxxxxx


  3. Jenni, I have always believed that life’s little illnesses (but not the big ones) are your body’s way of saying – you are burning the candle at both ends, so now you have to take a break. Hope you came out of your rest feeling better.


    • Actually a few hours rest yesterday and a good sleep last night have helped but I’m still going to the GP today as it’s been hanging around a little too long. Thanks for dropping by and I do agree generally we let our bodies run down without taking proper care and that’s where these little bugs find entry. Jenni


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