23 thoughts on “Leading the Weekend Funny Line-Up – Cows With Guns

  1. Since you bought this un nerving situation to my attention I have fallen in love with it. My eldest son a fit healthy vegetarian of 40yrs told me it was so bad that it was good. So I recommend you all give the burger joints a wide birth this weekend a maybe lay off the roast chicken..
    I have a great Nut Wellington receipe if anyone wants it. PS. I am not nor have I ever been a vegetarian. 😉 xx
    Cows have fun. 😉


  2. I LOVE this song. This song means a lot to mean. The songwriter / singer actually stayed in my house. About 9 years ago when our family was heavily involved in an environmental campaign, the songwriter together with a spokesperson from the Rainforest Action network, were here in Tasmania to add their weight to certain aspects of the campaign.


    • Truly – that’s incredible. Ummm probably won’t like what’s next on the line-up then. [hunkers down & looks at floor] It’s Denis Leary on smoking & vegetarianism. Not the PC man in the world – hilarious but well … really no words to cover exactly what he is unless you use his own song of I’m an Asshole. [abashed look] Well he is VERY funny


      • Well you know what someone said (who was that?) …. I may not like what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it …. or play a humourous video clip/ 🙂


    • Well what come next is the ‘other’ perspective with Denis Leary – not precisely Mr PC but gotta love him – he make a living out of being an asshole [even has his own song about it].


      • I can’t remember the name of the movie but it had Kevin Spacey in it and Denis Leary did this Amazing rant. I’ve always loved the way he just says whatever the hell comes to mind. I haven’t seen Rescue Me I don’t think, I’ll look it up.


    • Cheers – am still trying to catch up on the posts from you and others that I missed while having my little mental time out. Haven’t forgotten just a lot to work through. Jen


      • Gosh I know. Hours fly by just too fast I have noticed when blogging. Time out is good! 😀 😀

        I love connecting through reading your funnies. I think humour is the fastest way to feel you are in someone’s company. Your funnies always delight! Happy Friday! 😉 Lita

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