It’s A New Day

life is wonderfulIsn’t is amazing what a little mental R&R can do for a person. I woke up this morning in the best frame of mind and practically Disneyed my way around making the bed and getting dressed.  I almost expected talking blue birds and mice to be fluttering around picking up after me as I sang while joyfully going about the housework.  Well maybe not quite that far but you get the idea. My own personal prince charming headed off to work giving me a rather amused glance and saying so ‘you’re up and working?’. ‘Of course I am’ I trilled at him still expecting pancakes to appear made by industrious Disney animals. He just smiled and made his way out into the world. (really if it was a Disney movie there should have been more singing)

Obviously I had been a little down in the dumps and despite my best efforts it was probably noticeable.  Hiding in the bedroom and issuing orders that unless it is the apocalypse I don’t wish to be disturbed and then only if I’m needed was most likely a bit of a give away that I was feeling less than chirpy. Couple that with the fact that yesterday I sat at the keyboard with the idea of catching up on the rather large amount of emails that I had let build while having my quiet meltdown and just sighed. Now that is not the normal reaction I have when faced with writing AT ALL.  I mean it wasn’t a tired sigh either is was just one of those siggghhhhs that leaves you feeling like a slowly leaking inner tube, all squishy and while not yet completely flat still not strong enough to take any pressure.

made it to the keybaordThere is of course the panic mode that happens from time to time when for some reason my brain goes as blank as my husbands face when asked where he put the keys.  Then of course is the bubbly ‘Oooh can’t wait to talk about that‘ feeling or the equally bubbly but slightly more pissed ‘just you wait till I get to the keyboard and I’ll learn ya‘ mood.  Yesterday however was something new and more along the lines of grumpy old lady in need of a nap, which is really not like me at all.  So in the interest of all concerned I decided that perhaps I needed to take a little rest, finish getting over this flu and deal with the ‘family stuff’ that I had been quite studiously avoiding with the deep and sincere hope of ‘if I don’t think about it, it will go away‘.

tree houseSo now back in the saddle so to speak and ready to catch up on all the posts you’ve been writing as well as getting my last installment of the Chronicles of Jim up and running for this evening (just a little bit delayed) and get to work on finalising the first post of the answering some questions – Australia series. Thank you for all the kind comments I received and I am here to formally announce that I will not be moving to the mountain however I have seen a very nice tree house that looks quite appealing, what do think?

shit happensIt sure beats hiding under the bed I can tell you and for all those you expressed concern and wished to know if I had made my little hiding burrow comfy I have to say I didn’t get that far BUT I did look on the internet to see if there were things that would help living under the bed or on a mountain etc where power was sure to be a little sketchy and I found a most useful little site with basic supplies.  This one however caught my eye as I am sure it would anybodys, given its nature and use and I’m giving serious consideration to purchasing some in case of a blackout – you know just for ease of access so to speak. After all the saying on that picture is quite correct.

29 thoughts on “It’s A New Day

  1. Glad you had your needed break and sorted stuff out Jenni! I’m not going to lie, I was wondering where you were and I missed your posts 🙂 This post made me smile! You sound really happy! I love your tree house and the glow in the dark toilet paper… I wouldn’t mind having some of that “just in case” as well!


    • I know – it made me laugh when I saw it – since there have been times in the middle of the night my husband has been going through the cupboard trying to find the toilet paper in the dark. As for the tree house I think it looks like just the spot to have a little break if you wanted to get away for awhile.

      So yes back in both mind and spirit which is good as the last couple of days left me feeling a little wobbly. I think the fact that I was also a bit off with a bug didn’t help matters. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts – they meant a lot. Catch up soon Jenni


    • Doesn’t it – I think it would be quite lovely in theory but probably unless the windows has screens there would be the whole fly/mosquito thing to worry about.

      Thanks – I think I just needed a bit of mental space. Jenni


  2. “There is of course the panic mode that happens from time to time when for some reason my brain goes as blank as my husbands face when asked where he put the keys.” Laughing my ass off. That break done ya good. The whole post is priceless. I’ve missed the hell out of ya!


    • Yes I am very fond of that Tree House. I didn’t think of that post of Little Miss Menopause when I wrote this but you’re right it would be another option to Disney Land at times. 😀


  3. Lol! Love the toilet paper idea!

    I often “unplug” and “hibernate”. I’ve been doing it this past week as well. When I’m not working, I’m in bed avoiding…everything…and just reading. My poor hubby was living off fast food(okay he probably enjoyed that, but my bank account didn’t) so i emerged finally and cooked real food and spent time with other human beings. But, i still feel detached and I think I need another few days of binge reading. I fell out of blogging months at a time before because my little reading r&r went from days, to months. I’m trying hard to enjoy some time unplugged but not completely loose track of the cyber world. It’s a hard balance.

    BTW love the background! And I’m not sure if it’s my laptop but has your font become smaller? It’s readable, just it’s nagging at me because i swore it was bigger last time I visited your blog. Maybe my eyes are just getting old 😦 lol.


    • no your eyes are playing games with you – it did get smaller which I will be fixing once I figure out HOW I made it smaller in the first place.

      It is nice to go on winter bear mode from time to time but this time it was more of a – stop the world I’m getting off for a few days sort of thing.

      I’m actually still a little under the weather [stomach flu blahh] and am planning to curl up and re-read the Chronicles of Narnia this arvo – always a great feel better comfort read in my opinion. Jen.


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