Getting In The Mood

Well folks we are approaching the countdown to the final installment in the Chronicles of Jim.  Here those questions I have been asked as to what did happen to this so-called cat [as it is obvious he is longer around] and just what he could possibly do that would finally bring down a drawing of the line by US not him [or so we thought].

So to get us all in the mood and to set the scene so to speak I have a little image that I found a while back and have saved for this last look into the land of Jim.  For those of you who haven’t read the previous posts you may wish to go back and read Part One Chronicles of Jim, Part Two- The Advent of MJ, Part Three – Missing or Murdered Minions.  Then have a gander at the teaser below and if you wish to know the end of the tale join us later for Chronicles of Jim – Line In The Sand, which should be up soon.

evil cat

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