28 thoughts on “Taking A Day

  1. I think a break here and there is very beneficial. Sometimes the family might need you. Sometimes you just have to reflect a bit and upload your own batteries. Don’t feel bad about it taking a break from time to time. Just do what feels right for you. Best wishes,
    Aunty Uta 🙂


  2. So sorry to hear this, Jenni; I did wonder when I read another recent post. Hugs, love, light and blessings. Ali xxx


    • Really needed a mental R&R day today so will take the rest of the night and get back on top of things tomorrow. Thanks for the good thoughts. Jenni.


    • Thanks I was a little absent for about 40 hours but it helped and I’m now a little less frazzled by family concerns (that weren’t really my problem anyway) and have gotten over that bug that was making me feel a little blah. Thanks for dropping in to say hi anyway. Jen 🙂


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