Asymetrical Warfare – Battle Tactics

I was catching up with some of the search engines I use to find clippings or sayings for various occasions and when I opened it today there on the top was this very clever example of why I find cats amusing. Β It also reminded me of OMs war with the squirrels and felt that it was too good an opportunity to let pass so I have decided to share. Β After all if the squirrels can have allies then maybe he should consider some as well.

Waring with squirrels

37 thoughts on “Asymetrical Warfare – Battle Tactics

  1. They were just waiting .. When a cat sits that still I make sure they move because they are thinking about their next move. High Paw


    • Spies then – so it won’t be the ones watching you need to worry about – the attacks will come in the opposite direction of where they are holding your attention I bet – smart squirrels (escaped military experiment now breeding in your back yard?)


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