Answering Some Questions

australiaI’ve done a couple of posts regarding Australian humour and our assorted flora and fauna that continues to fascinate so many people and I’ve realised that from a lot of the comments that I get there is a great deal that people living outside my country don’t know or the information is gathered courtesy of Crocodile Dundee [thank you for THAT Paul Hogan].

So I’ve decided that over the next few weeks I’ll intersperse some posts, regarding different aspects of life in Australia as well as some of the more exotic of our native animals, with the other items that I put up for public view. ย However I think it would be good to start this series with a simple introduction to Australia and Australians.

Now I may spend a great deal of time arguing that my country’s government has lost its mind [which I AM right about] but that does not take from the fact that I love this unique and somewhat wild place we Aussies call home. ย A few years ago this song was and video was made to give a brief overview of Australia and Australians, it is also a beautiful piece of music that many feel should be our national anthem [the debate on that is still going on]. It’s about 4 mins and worth the watch, I hope you enjoy it and the scenery which gives outsiders an idea of how diverse the landscape here is.



33 thoughts on “Answering Some Questions

  1. Hi Jenni, thank you so much for publishing this great video. I love it and am going to reblog it if this is all right with you. I am going to do it now assuming that you won’t mind a reblog of it.


    • Glad you liked it – I’m going to do a couple of pieces over the next few weeks, along with other posts of course. I know everyone probably feels a bit prideful about their country after travelling so much when I was younger I really appreciate how different it is here compared to other places.


    • Thanks – there will be something up later this week, it will be one of the animals as I promised someone who didn’t have a clue what a goanna was to try and explain. After that they’ll get a little more general. Jenni


  2. Wow, what a wonderful work you’re doing – thank you!!
    I know very little about Australia, although I know it’s a beautufil country. I’ll be learning a lot with you and your blog. I also can relate to your feeling about the government and the passion we still have for our country above all. Portuguese government went nutts a lot of time ago but I love my country too and it’s difficult to leave it for me…


    • It is hard at times to hold on to what it is that makes you love your home when your government is doing its level best to destroy it for future generations. I would imagine you would understand that all too well and it is a good choice to stay as it is a wonderful place although I haven’t been there since I was a child, visiting with my parents. Jenni


    • Since I do a lot of writing about politics and the environment and most of it negative when it comes to the Australian government I felt that I should also show the other side of Australia and the parts that make us unique. I didn’t want to give the impression that I hated Australia – just a few members of parliament, business and the media are on ‘Don’t Like Very Much’ list. Jenni


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