24 thoughts on “Karma – With Attitude

    • So is my husband – he’s the one that pointed it out to me and I did suggest that perhaps it wasn’t quite what Karma should be about but he said the sometimes one can only hope for the best – that being that those who deserve come to know it.


      • Well my family is generations of the Old Ways or the Triple Lady some call her which has surprisingly a lot in common with Buddhism. [oh dad isn’t a practitioner but he has a wide view in the nature of the spiritual path we walk in this life. Plus he’s a guy our line runs matrilineal]


    • I’m catching up – two days behind on emails and posts from the people I follow so halfway there only about 80 more to go – need a nap NO must be strong I’ll go get a cola that’ll help.

      Sorry haven’t seen it yet but I’ll let you know the moment I do – maybe it was just the universe wanting to send you a pick me up. Jen xx 🙂


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