Doing It By The Numbers

Hands up who enjoys interacting and chatting, debating and dueling and all the fun activities you discover when you join the blogging world. [pause for a hand count] Ok those of you with your hands down I think that if you’re like me you started this as a venture to talk about things you were interested in, explore writing in various forms and to connect with others who enjoy the same things.  I love writing and always have but I have fallen hopelessly head over heals in love with blogging.  It’s crack baby – that rush when someone responds for the first time to a post, that OMG moment when you see [cue heavenly choir] you have ‘A Follower’ all of it is an affirmation that your work has value and interest to at least one other person.

faith in abilitiesThere has been a lot of debate about blogging for ‘Purity of Purpose‘ and ‘Power Blogging‘ but I think there is another path that in the rush to pick a team some may have overlooked.  It’s ‘Doing it by the Numbers‘, and this is for those who fall into that well-known void of ‘middle ground’ [not to be mistaken for Middle Earth]. Writing is what I do and what I love but strip all pretense at ‘Art’ aside a writer is nothing without readers.  You don’t have to give up what it is that brought you to blogging to increase your numbers and audience.  What you can do is increase the number of people whose lives you can touch and whose live can touch yours. Writing in a protected ‘sacred‘ bubble is wonderful if you don’t like risks but if like me you’ve lived quietly too long and now wish to push the boundaries you may wish to look around for those who understand quantity of followers does not reduce the quality of work.

Harsh Reality was one of the first blogs I came across when I started this little foray into the unknown and for all the snark and snipe [hands up who finds it fun anyway] it is a model of what can be achieved through time and dedication to speak to and reach as many people as you can with your work.  OM has been working with me for the past 48 hours to teach me some of the ropes as well as some VERY useful tips regarding formatting and how to make the most of the WP.

The new look is courtesy of his suggestions as is the sudden increase in the number of people who have been coming to visit. Now here is the important thing – you can get them to come once but it is your work, your content and your ideas that will encourage them to stay.  I would never suggest changing what it is you do or feel strongly about, I certainly haven’t but what I can suggest is that you consider what it is you could achieve with a larger following.  Surprisingly for me it wasn’t the number of followers that interested me the most at the end of the day it was their response to my work and to my blog. I’ve had more comments and repeat visitors in the last 2 days than in the 2 months since I started this.

safetyIt was OM’s model that got them here but it was my work that got them to stay.  If you want to chat with him you can follow this link to his post on Harsh Reality or contact him by email: and ask him to come and have a look at your site and see what he suggests. It’s worth the investment if you have faith in your own talent and belief in your blog.


32 thoughts on “Doing It By The Numbers

  1. It is your work that keeps folk coming back. For some its hard letting others see what they write (like myself) but blogging means you can without face to face embarrassment. Not that I’m suggesting your like that lol.


    • No it’s true – blogging has that degree of remove – the whole internet does. I do use my real name but not my surname although anyone who actually knew me would spot it in a second plus you know the photo is somewhat of an identity giveaway. But despite that there is the feel of distance that allows for a little more freedom I think. Loved to hear from you.


  2. Well, I thought for a minute there I went to the wrong house. But no, here you are. I like the change. It’s great. I’m glad OM has helped, but I do agree that your work keeps ’em comin’ back.


    • Thanks – I had too many people saying that they loved the background etc of the other format but it was too difficult to find there way around a mainly article driven blog. Glad you like it. Jen


  3. I’ve been on board with you pre-OM and I will be on board with you post-OM, Jenni. And it’s because I like to read what you offer. Congratulations for the increases, and keep the the good ideas coming.


  4. I totally agree with everything you’ve written here Jenni – perhaps there are some who write for personal fulfillment, for whom a following is of no interest. But surely for the majority, the hope is that your words and thoughts entertain others. I can’t see any shame in wanting an audience. (Plus I love OM, who was my first real follower, and for that I’ll always be grateful.) 🙂


    • Thank you – he really has some excellent ideas and having him assist in the numbers saved my a lot of time. I honestly think that those who cry out the loudest about it being about ‘art’ are really using that so if no one likes their offerings then it won’t matter.

      It’s a good way to not takes risks and sound noble at the same time. Personally I love interacting and getting feedback and it is thrilling in a way to know that so many people are able to look at my work.

      Of course if they hated it I would have felt awful but I have enough confidence that what I do I do well and so many people have been kind enough to say they enjoy the way I approach political and social issues as well as the lighter side of my blog.

      You get to meet so many people and make friends, good ones despite living at opposite ends of the world. Perhaps most important of all it’s so much fun,


    • Thanks – I have really enjoyed blogging and meeting so many new people that this was just a way for me to do more of that. Thanks for the support. Jenni


  5. I started blogging as a sort of personal diary to keep track of the lunches I made, but when I got my first followers (OM was the first!) and comments, it did give a rush and extra encouragement. Although my first priority will always be blogging for my own enjoyment, and not about increasing the numbers, I do enjoy the interaction with other bloggers and I hope that my followers enjoy reading my blog.
    Plus, I’ve also discovered so many other great blogs, there is much to learn and enjoy in Blogland.


    • That is what I’ve discovered also – the number are only the way to find new blogs that you can share with and learn from them as they do from you, share humour, thoughts etc. Hope to see you again


  6. Hi Jenni,
    It’s cool that you’ve taken OM up on his offer. I’m glad to see that he’s helped you out. I might try him too when I get more time to work on my blog. Since I really don’t know what I’m doing, I’m still just posting whatever I feel like whenever I can get around to it.
    You look like you’re doing pretty good here. 🙂


    • I still post what it is the I feel like also – I’m just make sure I have time to do it each day and also time to get back those whose blogs I follow. It’s important I think to take the time to read the word of those who are kind enough to read mine. I’m glad you like my blog and thanks for taking the time to drop by and give me feedback on it. OM’s assistance did pay off in terms of the numbers which is still ongoing but it is more about reaching and interacting with others that makes the blogging experience worthwhile. Jenni.

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  7. You know what?
    I am so thrilled you have written this.(and done this) Thank you so much. I have NEVER seen this dude so happy 😀
    I think he has really found something he loves doing! He is good at it – and at the end of the day, he actually enjoys helping people 😀
    A win win! (And the blog is looking spiff man!)
    Epic! Love it when things work out like this.


    • Thank you – I’m really happy with the changes to the format etc and of course the opportunity to reach and interact with more bloggers. I was more than happy to do this as I have always liked OM [snippienes and all] and he was one of the first to reach out to my blog. When he wrote about having to stop re work choices it made me think of how I would feel having to stop doing something I’ve grown to love.

      It wasn’t a kindness on my part merely practicality when I suggested to him that he had a great deal to teach and advise new bloggers and those who are having trouble expanding their audiences. I love writing, perhaps not in book form but still I consider the articles and commentaries I do to be writing and the opportunity to be able to bring in more readers was not one I was going to turn down. Apart from that it is good to see OM taking this step and you’re right it appears to suit him quite well. Jenni 😀


  8. Oh my, Jenni! What a vast array of followers, commenters and inspirers you have! Proud of you and all the hard work you put in 🙂 Enjoyable hard work though I am sure. OM really knows his stuff! Congratgulations 🙂


    • He does doesn’t he – I’m really impressed and I’m glad to be able to meet so many more people. I’m not sure if it is Pride of Vanity but I do get a kick out of others reading my work – even the little funny clips etc. So much fun!! 😀


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