Just A Little Australian Animal Humour

We’re a tough, tough lot down under.  Most of our wildlife will kill you or at least maim severely.  People from overseas however get all caught up with the Koala  and Kangaroo cuteness.  Now the Koala I will grant you is rather cute, apart from being drunk almost all its life on Eucalyptus Leaves.  The kangaroo however – totally different story.  Forget what you think about Skippy and in honor of the Weekend Funny – meet some ‘fair dinkum‘ Aussie Roos on A Great Red and the other your standard looking Roo:

kanga dino


33 thoughts on “Just A Little Australian Animal Humour

  1. lol! T-rex deers… now that is all i can think of when seeing a kangaroo. They always creeped me out a little. I guess it’s their size and long tail. I think as humans we’re used to being the bigger creature and so when something is large it just adds that menacing factor.

    and koala bears! I used to adore them! Then i saw a meme online of a Koala soaking wet and really scary looking. I used the meme in this blog post if you want to see

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    • R U kidding – kangaroos are everywhere [not the big cities] but even in the burbs you get Koalas in trees, Kookaburras on the clothes line, wallabies and kangaroos in the paddocks and crossing roads and not to forget goannas (who are freaky things – hmm picture post might be in order) and it’s one of the reasons we have to fight so hard to protect what is left of our Eucalyptus groves etc as we’ve been encroaching on their natural habitats and cutting down or clearing out their food.


      • What the heck is a goanna? I’ve never heard of that animal.. Do you live in the country.. I saw kangaroos can do bodily harm. I see that movie crocodile Dundee and picture just way out into no where land like that…


      • Wow – thought it was a myth that people really thought Australia was like Croc Dundee – well Ok large parts of it are and sure there are those ‘characters’ out west but mostly we’re people who live with a lot of land around us. Example I live in Mackay – which is a reasonably large town but – you know I honestly think I’m going to have to do a post about this – it will be too hard to explain otherwise – I’ll add the goanna pictures as well. Give me a day if you don’t mind. Thanks for coming and sharing the fun anyhow.


      • I watch the animal channel where they talk about brown snakes and horrible spiders.. It does sound like Australia.. That’s not a knife… This is a knife!


      • I want to go to that big rock out in the middle of no where.. I know you nice folks don’t say blyme.. But your land is so different than where we are.. Like Christmas around here it snows but there it’s the middle of summer.. It doesn’t snow near San Francisco I mean but other places…


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