Abbott Puts A Price On Domestic Violence and Homelessness

domestic violance

Yet another stellar idea from our Federal Governments desire to reduce funding into social justice issues as well as health and education.  Eighty homelessness services addressing domestic violence are having to wind back services and turn clients away until homelessness funding is confirmed on Budget night.

If you would like to add your support to the initiative to prevent further budgeting cuts in this area follow the link to Homelessness Australia and add your name and comments to the site.  Thank you for your support of those who have no one else.

7 thoughts on “Abbott Puts A Price On Domestic Violence and Homelessness

    • Not in numbers but then again we have a much smaller population but the problem has been steadily increasing in the decade and the strain on the NGO’s is increasing which is why they need the continued funding from the government both state and federal. From what I understand our system of welfare is better than what is on offer in the US that is in terms of unemployment pensions etc but it is still below the general cost of living so with the increasing rise in rents and the fewer government housing projects you find that people are often forced into temporary homelessness if they at the bottom of the income scale.


      • It’s terrible here. This country is collapsing from within… People living in cars and shopping cart families. I’m not joking…


      • I’ve heard that but it is hard to tell from here how much is real and how much is news inflated. But since blogging I’ve met a lot of people who live in the US and they tell me, just as you have, how truly bad it is. How can a first world country let that happen to their own people. From what I understand you can only collect welfare for a short period and then it’s food stamps or something. Unemployment payments for singles over the age of 18 (or 16 if home is violent and they can’t live there) is $450/fortnight plus they get a health care card that means any prescription medication is only $4.80 regardless of the regular cost and our hospitals are free as are most GP’s. There are private options of course but healthcare is free for anyone and dental is free for those on a pension or who meet an income and assets test. The homeless issue is having the money to pay a bond and first months rent in advance but there are bond loans you can take but they take time to process.


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