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Religious Rumuniations

I saw this a little while back and just loved it but haven’t really felt moved to use it in relation to anything in particular that I have been writing about.

However what I have seen on the world stage in recent weeks and what seems to be rather a virulent tune floating around the blogging sphere has sent me back to this little gem.

It has a point I think far too many people have forgotten or wish to forget in this day and age and it is a point we ALL need to remember regardless of faith.

10 thoughts on “Thought For The Day – Makes You Think

    • I know – once people get themselves in a group the whole whose better thing starts – and faith shouldn’t be about that it should be about living a life of honour and decency.


      • Honor and decency tends to be lacking in the world today, but there are still a few left
        In my mind faith has nothing to do with religion, but spirituality.


  1. This is such a powerful concept, one that I’m sure is often overlooked. If everyone honored love and compassion, than there wouldn’t be such conflict between differing religions, races, and ethnicities.


  2. That statement is so very true. I think there is a global shift occurring where people are actually starting to see this more! There will be some who continue to fight, but the majority is understanding the one-ness of it all. I find people (micro scale) becoming more spiritually tolerant.


    • Yes I think that too but the difficulty that those who don’t are usually the most militant and will fight harder against such shift in perception. They won’t win but could cause a lot of pain during the process. I suppose we’ll all just have to wait and see.


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