Chronicles of Jim – Teaser

This was a little bit a tease all by itself but as we will be heading into the dark side of Jim’s tale it seem appropriate to issue a warning as to what my be in store.  While none of the below star Jim personally all were selected with him firmly in mind.  So enjoy, be warned and stay tuned:

cat sarcasm

And then there is the sympathy that cats have for those who love and care for them

cat priorities

Finally I will leave with the loyalty that one cat feels for another and for their young.

cats and their minions

As I said Jim himself is not featured in any of the above but his spirit certainly is so as I said before be enjoy, be warned and stay tuned.

Just as an aside – don’t you love the word minion, it has a certain something don’t you agree.  I bought a book once without reading the back based solely on the title – ‘Minion’.  It was worth it and thinking of it it would make a great addition to the Book Nook when I have a minute to put up a review.


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