Final Entrant Of Weekend Fun

I’ve thought long and hard about which one to use to end this weekend with and decided that as we have covered almost every base in humour so far I would finish up with something a little different.  While this saying is quite funny it is also quite true and therefore seems appropriate to finish up with the Just For Fun segment and merge into the weekly posts to come.

life lesson

18 thoughts on “Final Entrant Of Weekend Fun

  1. That is so true. But, I would like to add another for your collection, should you have one: “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. ” – Albert Einstein

    Some people never learn the life’s lessons. Lucy


    • But the cool thing about life is it just keeps throwing them our way until we finally get it. Of course some of us have to do the wheel of like thing a few times before we learn our lessons but reincarnation isn’t so bad.


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