Blogging and the Helpful Husband

blogging 2There are many wonderful things about blogging that I have discovered since I started this amazing ride but this weekend I discovered the best yet.  Now ‘perhaps’ I have been just a ‘little’ preoccupied with this new project and a few things around the house have been left to slide, just a bit (promise).  Now since we aren’t the type of people to create squalor this isn’t immediately noticeable, other than the slowly increasing pile of my laundry as well as the dishes that have a tendency not to clean themselves (quite rude really).

Now I have managed to get my husbands done as he works in an office and wearing PJ’s to work is somewhat frowned upon.  Considering he works in mental health having him turn up in his boxers would probably do more than raise a few eyebrows, in fact it would probably end in receiving a call from the ward to advise me of his admittance.

washing pile 2Now my washing however has been left to grow to the point it was in danger of taking a life of its own.  There is a benefit to this, you get to discover all sorts of things in your cupboard that you forgot you owned and so it is really more of an adventure in dressing each day.  However the other day I looked the pile in the eye (yes it was tall enough for me to do that) and decided the time for washing had indeed come. Okay it was because I’d finally run out of underwear but I was going to do it so it should still count.  North Queensland weather had a different idea of course and down came the rain which thwarted my good intentions and drained me of washing will.

The next day was sunny but I had been up late the night before (yes blogging) so I kinda sorta slept in (a lot) and once I woke I was still a little on the bleary side.  I came out to the kitchen and heard the washing machine going in the laundry.  Naturally curious to see if my clothes had taken it upon themselves to leap into the machine I was further astounded by looking out the open back door at the clothes line which was covered in hanging, clean clothes – ALL MINE.

best husbandHearing a surprised ‘Oh your awake’ from behind me I turned to see a slightly embarrassed husband.  He was a little put out as he had meant to have the last load on the line before I noticed. Preparing for a deserved berate on risking the birth of a new breed of life built from my dirty clothes I was surprised to hear him say that he thought that since I’d been busy and also not at my best (being female at times bites – am I right!) he’d give me a hand and do the washing.  He’d even remembered to not put whites with colours bless him.  It was then and there I decided once and for all I have the best husband ever.

23 thoughts on “Blogging and the Helpful Husband

  1. That is a “best husband ever” moment if I have ever heard one. Isn’t it nice when they surprise us like that? DSB will occasionally cook or clean the kitchen, which I much appreciate. There is nothing like coming home from work or church or rising one’s head away from the computer and there being a steaming plate of delicious food. I can relate!


  2. That is really lovely and loving of him. Very sweet!

    “Now ‘perhaps’ I have been just a ‘little’ preoccupied with this new project and a few things around the house have been left to slide, just a bit (promise).”

    My husband and children can relate! My oldest daughter is actually wistful for the days when ‘Mom used to cook us real meals’. Mind you, she always used to complain before.

    Your husband sounds great!



    • I think cooking is the only thing I haven’t let slide – mainly because I enjoy it and get a kick out of doing lots of different things.

      But everything else – I tell you it is very lucky that we’re not naturally messy people and that we don’t have little munchkins around otherwise it would be soooo much worse.

      He is pretty nifty and has moments of greatness in the husband department. I am of course a little biased.


    • And I tell him so often – he is aware of his blessed state but then again so am I. After marrying Mr Looks Right and finding out he couldn’t have more wrong I never thought I would marry again but 10 years ago Mr Looks Sorta Odd but sounds awfully interesting captured my attention and has kept it ever since.


    • Yes – I was so very taken with what he’d done and why. We both try to support each other in our work etc but I have been a little caught up recently and instead of feeling put out he just thought of what he could do to help. There is a reason I love the man afterall and strangely that little washing assist underlines it quite well.


  3. I love this. My husband recently filled up my car with gas, an act I notoriously forget until the light comes on on the dash and the engine sputters on fumes. I was so moved, I burst into his home office and hugged and kissed him, pronouncing him the world’s best husband (won’t tell him others also bear this title.) How fortunate are we to be supported by such knights?


  4. Ah! This blogging has taken over our lives! So much so, their is a mountain of washing ready to fall upon us at any minute, we daren’t sneeze! “Why is the contents of our kitchenware sat by the sink?” My husband asks, as I sit in my corner tap tap tapping away!

    Yes- I can completely relate to this one! Let me ask, have you chilled out a little? Or is your blogging still taking over? I had to take a step back and now I only write ever few days! Trouble is, I have so many idea’s I don’t know what to do with them. Sometimes I’ll wake in the middle of the night and will be jotting down notes – my husband sleepily wondering if I have completely lost the plot.

    I enjoyed this post 🙂


    • Chilled out – hmmm well I have had a nap and the dishes have been returned to the pristine state and are now at home in the cupboards ready to begin the process anew.

      Husband has wondered for many years as to the placement of my plot – I tell him it isn’t lost merely hiding but I don’t think he find’s it as funny as he should.

      Huh – men sooo serious. Not really he gets a laugh about most of what I write or he agrees with it rant wise – this one had him a little abashed (does blush a lovely shade).

      Glad you liked it – 😀


  5. They do have their moments, our husbands. This was a great one. Thanks for sharing because my husband made me so mad this morning (darn brussel sprouts fight again) I could have stayed mad all day but you reminded me that they have their moments 🙂


    • Oh no one can get you riled quite as quickly as a husband. I love mine and he loves me so we’re lucky and that probably makes up for driving each other nuts on a regular basis. Jenni


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