Male Refridgerator Etiquette

food containerLadies have you ever had the sheer joy of looking into the fridge come shopping day and discovering that it appears you will not have to lug home as many groceries as you thought only to come home to discover that each and every container in the fridge is empty bar a small millimeter thick scraping at the bottom.  Or even better less than an inch of juice or milk in the carton and when you take a closer look at the pickled onions etc without fail there’s only one left in the jar.

Well believe it or not this is Male Refrigerator Etiquette. Not wanting to be greedy and eat the last of anything (and possibly have to run out and replace it) they kindly stop themselves once they have reached the point where what is left, while utterly no use to anyone, can still be argued to classify as not empty.

rotten tomatoIf using a tomato to make a sandwich they will place the leftover piece in the fridge door with a sense of accomplishment (no wasting of food here). Of course the following day when making another sandwich they decide to use another whole tomato and add the leftover piece to the ‘not wasting’ pile in the fridge.  It will be you who will have to discard those remains along with desiccated onion halves and the last piece of a block of cheese that is not large enough to catch a mouse.

If quizzed about these remains the male will puff up with righteous indignation and speak of not wasting food and if he is queried as to why he then didn’t use them you will see a puzzled and finally blank look settle over his face which basically reads, ‘I didn’t waste it why are you asking about after that?’

When asked not to use the last of the milk as it is needed to make the sauce for dinner most males hearing and retaining of information stops at ‘last of the milk’.  So just in time for the stores to close you reach into the fridge to grab the milk to find there is a trickle left in the bottom and if called on this we have the affronted male saying ‘Well I didn’t use the last of it did I!!’

I am afraid that this behaviour is as hardwired as the male version of searching for their keys, wallet, glasses etc. (this entails scanning the room from the doorway and the yelling ‘have you seen my keys I can’t find them?)  There is no way around Male Refrigerator Etiquette other than ‘Vigilance’.  Without  it you will spend your time discovering new and interesting vegetable growths as well as permanent scowl lines (never attractive) due to lack of cooking/eating ingredients and patent lack of understanding from the men.

However we all know that men have a similar list of issues that leave them equally baffled by the female of the species so in the end I suppose what we must all remember is:


9 thoughts on “Male Refridgerator Etiquette

  1. Oh, there is so much I can agree with you on this post it’s not even funny. I’d love to send you an email but don’t see your’s anywhere. If you’d like (and I’d love you to) send me an email, I have a few things to say! Email me at rosiesmrtiepants at gmail dot com. 😀


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