not in our name

I’ve seen so and heard so many pictures, speeches, letters to the government as well as writing a few myself yet the pride in being Australian overwhelmed me at the incredible sight of watching a country divided by dissent by a man beating a political drum to gain election now joining together to tell that same man – no more, we will take no more.  The photo’s of the March In March were heartening as was seeing the support of others all round this country and overseas but this video made me cry with pride and with sadness that it needed to be made.  Please take the time to watch and see Australia become a nation of one people united against the greed, bigotry and denial of those who were entrusted to care for our country:


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26 thoughts on “NOT IN OUR NAME

    • No problem – I really did ball my eyes out – there has been such turmoil here and the hate mongers did such a good job of dividing us using fear and jingoism that to see this video is quite overwhelming. At times we who protest and march feel a little frayed but this – makes all the hassle and tiredness worth it.


      • This video is inspiring. I hope that you and your cohorts prevail. We here in Canada could use a model like this. I’m afraid that I have become too cynical to be of much use. I’ve written letters, but there is no response. Nothing.


  1. I don’t know much about your country’s plight (other than your PM is terrible), but this video brought me to tears. Very moving. Good for you to speak out, Jenni!


    • Sappy to say but I was so totally moved watching that. Marching itself was pretty exhilarating and we we’re even in one of the capitals but that video of the Melbourne march just shook me. Thanks for taking the time to check it out.


  2. Not from AUS, but this still provoked a powerful emotional response… perhaps we (other nations who also have no confidence in their lying leaders *cough*Obama*cough*) should take this as a cue. Shared on FB.


    • Thank you so much for passing it on and taking the time to watch. I must admit I did bawl my eyes out watching it. The march up here was fantastic and we weren’t even in one of the capitals but seeing that and they way they put it together made me so proud.


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  5. I saw it on Facebook earlier today and it is excellent. I marched in Hobart and even though the powers that be would not give permission to march on the street three separate groups marched on the footpaths to meet at Parliament House. It was my first experience of protesting and I’m so glad that I went.


    • Thanks for taking the time to let me know about your experience with the March – it was I think a fairly amazing effort for a number of reasons. Glad you went and glad you felt it was worthwhile.


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