Chronicles of Jim – The Advent of MJ

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow you didn’t think I had forgotten about the next stage in the saga do you?  It’s just been a somewhat busy weekend and this is the first chance I’ve had to really put some time into this section of the story.

So where were we, that’s right we had just been a delivered a warning from our CAT and had for the first time seen the potential for revenge that this green-eyed feline carried within.  But we all know that humans are the top of the food chain and as such it was easy to let that stare as well as the cool deliberation of Jim’s retaliation against Matt fade as we went about our lives.  No other startling incidents occurred and if we were perhaps a little ‘polite’ when dealing with Jim then it could be put down to respect and certainly not fear.

MJAt this time Matt and I were at uni and my sister MJ still lived at home with our mother.  Now both are admirable people but together, under one roof, with no others to act as buffers well let us just say that we are lucky that Brisbane still stands and isn’t a smoking ruin created by cataclysmic fallout from the spectacular arguments that occurred on a daily basis.  Now it seemed that for all concerned, indeed all humanity, it would be best that my sister come and live with us.  I thought is was a wonderful idea as there is 5 years between us and it was only now that we had a chance to know each other as adults and not children in our parents home.

So all was decided and thus came the advent of MJ.  I must admit I had not given a great deal of thought to the matter of space other than we had a large apartment with a spare room, so when my sisters belongings started arriving and arriving and arriving I was a little taken aback but not really worried.  Oh but I should have been for Jim was NOT pleased.  He perched atop a cupboard and looked down as every surface was slowly covered by MJ’s belongings and I think he also looked with deep suspicion on the tiny red-head whose spectacular hair would rival the rich ginger of his own coat.  I did not perceive this jealous stare but did notice as the day went on that he never left the spot on the cupboard and rarely took his eyes off MJ.

Now as all of us know it is amazing once you start putting things away how quickly you find places for your bits and pieces and this happened here as well.  By early evening the lounge was cleared, MJ’s bed installed and made and the apartment looked like a home rather than a garage sale.  We celebrated with numerous drinks until much later that night we all crashed into our beds.  MJ had a friend who had helped her move as well as set up and she too was staying over.

So from here on I have to explain what happened next from third-party reports as I slept through the whole drama.  It seems Jim waited and waited until all was quiet before entering MJ’s room – I should have remembered how he could bide and I should have paid attention to his fixed stare throughout the day that rarely left my sister.  Oh well too late by then and even if I had noticed as I said that cat could bide so I believe now he would have waited for however long it took.

He creeps into the room and goes to the end of the bed and climbs up and UNDER the covers, slowly making his way down to MJ’s feet.  Her friend wakes as the cat moves down but does not pay it much attention until the bitter acrid smell of cat piss stings the air.  This cat, this creature of vengeance waited until all were asleep to sneak in and piss on my sister. Nicki tries to wake MJ who unfortunately had consumed as much liquor as I and could not be roused.  So leaving MJ she goes into the bathroom to shower and then out to the lounge to sleep.

Morning comes and MJ confronts Nicki in the lounge accusing her of wetting the bed and Nicki’s response was heard by both Matt and I as we came out to see what the ruckus was about.  As soon I  caught a whiff of my very fragrant sister I froze and looked around the room.  It was then Nicki told her story which of course MJ did not believe until we explained what had happened previously.  As one we turned and there he sat, this proud cat, this keeper of scores.  Jim coldly stared us down one by one (who wins a staring comp with a cat anyway) and upon reaching MJ stood swished his tail and left the room with all the dignity of a monarch.

What was there to say other than to make it funny, this cat that practiced human vengeance.  So for a while the story became part of family lore and nothing more than that until things got a whole lot stranger…… but that will have to wait until next time.  I will say that MJ never believed it was anything other than payment for cluttering up Jim’s space and I’m afraid to say that time proved her right.


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6 thoughts on “Chronicles of Jim – The Advent of MJ

  1. Oh my gosh……It’s Kilo. That is one of the craziest, funniest things I’ve ever heard. If I hadn’t had a cat like that, I would not believe it.
    Can’t wait to read the rest. Curiosity is piqued. 🙂


    • Glad it lived up to expectation – and I’m with you I lived it and there are times I think nah not possible but sadly yes it’s true and it was only the beginning of what that cat would do.

      Why didn’t we get rid of him you ask – well honestly I think we tried to see the funny side but underneath we wondered what would happen if we sent him away and he came looking for us – Not a pretty thought.


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