Could Have Been Me – Just For Fun


could have been me

Detention brings smartass behaviour to the awareness of parents who in my case generally responded to pointing out the glaring stupidity of calling that sort of attention to myself in class by saying something along the lines of:


and then wanted me to apologise to the teacher but didn’t feel that as a rule my attempt at this proved to be in any way helpful – what’s your opinion?

Offending you

2 thoughts on “Could Have Been Me – Just For Fun

    • thanks – I laughed when I found it as I have always had trouble with being unable to resist a smart aleck remark if the occasion deserves it – sigh… much detention and I’m pretty sure that had I not been such a good student or if I was over vulgar in my remarks they would have expelled me. As it was I was very used to the looks of resigned impatience from teachers, friends, relatives and so on.


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