I’m Right & You’re Wrong – The Blindness of Dogma

I was reading a post on A Good Blog is Hard to Find written by OM in regards to abortion and the concept of what is choice.  When I started to make my comment I realised that it may be just a tad too long if I was going to truly explain what I meant so I decided to make it a post however the idea is OM’s this is merely a response.

You will have to bear with me on this one as it really does have a point but requires a little background, so please excuse the litany to follow. Oh I should probably warn you that I’m probably going to seriously piss off both sides of the argument – sorry.

In Australian politics the Labour Party has a rule that all of their members of parliament must vote with the caucus. Policy and planning proposals are given the chance to develop from the grassroots up and when it comes to actual legislation be it from either side of the political fence the caucus members (made up of cabinet or shadow cabinet members and senior officials in the party) debate behind closed doors.

Once a majority decision has been made the rest of the party is informed and from there the vote in the house. It is against party policy to cross the floor and vote against the rule of the caucus. Failure to follow this rule means immediate expulsion from the party and while they can’t remove a sitting member that member will be deemed an independent and at the next election with be replaced with a new candidate chosen from party ranks.

There is however one exception to this rule and that is in the matter of abortion. It is deemed to be such a deeply personal and private choice that it can only be decided by each individual in the quiet recesses of the heart and soul.

In my opinion that is the only way to proceed with such a heart wrenching choice and it is this I feel what Pro-Choice SHOULD be. Something private and personal to each and every person. OM is quite correct in saying those who claim to be Pro-Choice are in the habit of ignoring any other argument other than their own and as such it IS picking a side. They can call it whatever they please but their blind belief that they are right and others are wrong mirrors the same fervour of those who are Pro-Life. BOTH sides believe in the sanctity of their argument and both sides refuse to recognise the arrogance of telling the world that they know what is best for everyone and condemning those who do not side with them.

right and wrongBoth sides are made up (in the main) of good people who cannot understand why others can’t see the light and they are compelled to badger, belabor and harass with the certitude that they, and they alone, are right and if people would only pay attention and stop being stupid then they would agree.  How many wars have been fought and are still being fought due to the blind belief in the knowledge that all others bow to their beliefs.  How many have died on the altar of righteousness and how many more will follow.

I am fully aware that what I’ve written will most likely anger those who are militant in the beliefs and will most likely not penetrate the bubble of their ideals and I am also aware that the stance I’m taking can be seen as inflicting my view on others in the certainty that I am right. Insofar as that I would most likely agree but I will point out all I am saying is try to remember that as strongly as you believe so too does the other side and if you think them blind to the truth be very certain that they feel the same.


20 thoughts on “I’m Right & You’re Wrong – The Blindness of Dogma

  1. My stance on abortion- it should not be a choice, but an informed decision. People should know exactly what they are doing. Personally I know someone that regretted an abortion. She felt under pressure from her boyfriend. If someone had talked to her at the abortion clinic, given her the full information on her options, she might have done things differently and might not have spent years crying day after day for the baby she didn’t have. People choosing to keep babies should also be given information on how damaging it can be to have children for the wrong reason, to have a child that won’t get the love they deserve. A friend of a friend had a child at a young age so they could get a council house and more benefits. I don’t know if it turned out okay. I don’t know how she treats the baby now, but I’m sure there are babies out there who are brought into the world for the wrong reasons and don’t get the love they deserve.


    • I’m not arguing right or wrong on this one – and my opinion is mine.

      What I am saying in this post is that on both sides of the debate we are faced with people who use information to support their own views on the matter and dismiss what does not fit.

      Neither is prepared to offer a balanced view and so many people suffer for it both physically and emotionally. They will never see any perspective other than their own and that is fine.

      However neither side has the right to force their beliefs onto others and manipulate data and court the media and politicians just so they can prove to the world that they are right and their way is the only way.

      It isn’t right and the silly thing both see the other side as selfish self righteous autocrats, never dreaming that they are just the same.


      • Oh dear.. Put my phone in my pocket before I finished my comment and it pressed send before I got back to it.. I will now continue.. As I see it, people make mistakes either way, because they don’t have a balanced view on things. If the people with these strong opinions considered the other side of the argument, saw that beliefs from the other side are just as strong as their own, more people would have the full information, not just one side. And I’m sure there would be more people making the right decision for themselves, rather than a decision based on other people’s views that have been pushed on them. Basically I’m agreeing with all that you’ve said, and I could probably have made a whole post on the subject like you have…


      • I really thought about it for awhile before posting it – not sure if I wanted to go there or not but hey like I said everyone is entitled to an opinion. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond so thoughtfully I appreciate it, especially given the volatile nature of the subject.


  2. This was very well said. Both sides are very passionate about their belief and rarely do you find one who is willing to hear the other side of the argument. However, there is always another side. I do not agree with abortion, but I’m willing to at least hear people out who have opposing views. Their argument is meaningful to them, whether I agree or not.


    • Exactly my point – I wish other could see it but then that may be just me pushing my own opinion into things.

      Like I said before I won’t answer right or wrong – my opinion is mine as is yours as well as countless others and each is valid but not to the extent of forcing it on others.


  3. I am passionately pro-choice, but I am one of those who also is decidedly not pro-abortion.

    As I said on OM’s post, I think abortion should be a last resort, not a first resort. But it should be an option for a woman to choose in making what is a very private, extremely personal, and heartrending choice.

    I’m all for presenting all of the options available, but in the end, it’s up to the woman to decide what it is she wants to do. It shouldn’t be up to the state. Yet in this country (the US) so many states are passing laws that make it much more difficult for a woman to have that choice. And if they could, these conservative legislators would seek to overturn Roe v. Wade, which would make abortions illegal (once again), and would remove a woman’s right to choose.


    • What should be private between doctor and family has become a political hot potato and a platform to push one idea over another. We don’t debate the right of a medical procedure we debate ideology and use it to push agendas and careers for people on both sides of the argument.

      Do they protest the right to have chemo or not, is there a law in place that forces you to prove a case for or against NO. It has nothing to do with the state – it is between doctor and patient as it is for everything else.

      My opinion is mine and private and that is right that everyone deserves – they do not deserve the right to judge those who disagree and force the state to interfere where it has not place.


    • I know and it is heartbreaking the way politician and the state feel they have to right to determine something that is a personal and spiritual choice. It is hard, and it is unfair and it is wrong to make it about whose ideology is right. There is a quote I remember from awhile ago that has never left me: In life we pay as we go, sometimes it’s a little, sometimes it’s a lot and sometimes it’s everything you have.

      We have allowed politicians to use the political leverage to gain publicity to turn this into a career stepping stone for some. In the mean time others pay and we may never know the price they carry for the choices they make but I believe it is wrong to judge and say my way is better than yours. My opinion is mine and private which is my right, as it is the right for anyone to believe what they will. What they do not have the right to do is to punish another for not believing as they do and both sides of the argument are guilty of that although they would never see it.


      • I agree with you completely. It is a divisive enough issue without politicians getting into the mix. I wasn’t aware that Australian politicians do this; American ones certainly light fires, and you’re right, all they do is divide further. I think without all the public vitriol women might actually might be able to help one another, to support one another without all the yelling and screaming about who’s right and who’s wrong. I don’t know, maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part; it’s certainly a prayer. ;-/


      • Oh trust me prayer and blessings can NEVER hurt. It is a good thing to put positive energy into the world and pray it finds its way to those who need it. I do a blessing at twilight each month just for that purpose to wish others peace in their hearts and souls.


  4. “…the arrogance of telling the world that they know what is best for everyone and condemning those who do not side with them.”


    Regardless of the issue. Abortion, Religion, Politics… the list goes on and on.

    The audacity of human beings to think they have the right to tell other human beings what is ‘right’, what they can or cannot do, is beyond measure.

    It’s sad.


    • What is even sadder is that in most cases opposing sides accuse each other of enforcing their beliefs on others without realising that they are doing the same thing themselves.

      As you said, war, religion, gender the list is endless and each more sure than the other that they know the truth.

      I think as a society we are moving away from that idea which has only made the fight more desperate for those not willing to even accept any view other than their own.

      As a result I think things may get much worse in a lot of different spheres before we can move past the idea of ideological dogma as canon law.


      • I think they will get worse in the sense that the loudest and most rabid ‘believers’ (on both sides of many things) will get that much more nastier, but… and perhaps you can sense it, too… there’s a huge upheaval coming in our society. People as a whole are sick and tired of the hate, corruption and everything that has been building. I only hope that the upheaval results in positive change, instead of taking a nasty turn farther toward a ‘police state’ sort of society.

        But that’s just my opinion/feeling.


      • Then it’s a feeling that’s going around. Without wanting sound completely ready for the nuthouse the last few years have held a sense of waiting and pressure – similar but not the same as taking off in an aircraft. (it’s the closest I can get to explaining)

        One of the talents I’ve always had is to see to the fundamentals of a thing – be it math or history. If you can grasp the basic pattern from which all things move out from (ripple effect) you can then as a rule extrapolate based on normal responses what one event will do to another and so forth.

        It’s this sense of reaching a place where what is best in humanity will face off against what is worst. Courage and vision, compassion and empathy vs fear and anger and all the negativity that flows from those two so dangerous of human emotions.

        Sounds a little fanciful doesn’t it and I wish I could laugh but I just can’t shake the certainty that things are going to change in ways that most won’t see coming until its too late. Oh well now that I’ve guaranteed you never returning to my blog I’ll just say bye and hope your day is well.


      • LOL… no, ma’am, unless we’re both destined for the looney bin, because I totally understand and agree with everything you said… and you expressed it so much better than I could’ve. If anything, you’ve increased my interest in your blog 🙂


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