Life, The Universe and Me

sulking birthdayI’ve been sulking, with a possible side dish of pouting in addition to a general overall feeling of ITS NOT FAIR.  I’ve managed to run the gauntlet of such fine emotions over the last 24 hours only to come full circle back to the whole it’s not fair issue.  Now here is where I’ve had a little stumble.  How many times have I talked with people and counseled them on the fact that whether life is fair or not, it is the one we have.  It is our choice to embrace what has been given us and create something from there or to sit and sulk  obsess about what we don’t have and never go anywhere in life at all.

Move onIn the middle of such a productive day of sulk and pout I came across this saying while looking at the Vintage Anchor site and it had a somewhat sobering effect on my glorious day of self-indulgent wallowing.  Because it is true I would never just pause halfway in a book and leave the rest of the story unread so why was I doing it with life.  Have I learnt nothing from all those years of hiding out?

So I decided to grow up (just a little bit) and accept that it is my birthday today and not some giant conspiracy aimed at spoiling all my fun for the rest of eternity.  This of course in no way undermines my aim to continue with freezing space and time before this time next year.  After all there is only so much growing a person can do – isn’t there?  Accepting turning 44 today does not mean accepting turning 45 or older and I feel quite sure there is no rule in the emotional growth handbook that says one must accept all things at all times.

friends and familySo for now I plan to stop being a whiny baby about the whole issue (my husband will be sooo relieved not to have to tap dance round my mood) and make the most of everything that I have.  For you see, when it comes right down to it, given everything in my life, the people I’ve known, the things I’ve seen, love found and lost and found again I’ve realized that there is no place in the universe I would rather be than here and no person I would rather be (and I never imagined I would say those words and truly mean them).  These moments, captured in time with the people you love are what life itself is all about and to deny that is just  childish so it seems I must at long last GROW UP.


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34 thoughts on “Life, The Universe and Me

  1. I’ve never understood why people sulk on birthdays.. The days before and after, sure! But why mess up a day that’s all about you by sulking? So congratulations on getting past the sulk before your day and happy birthday 🙂


    • It crept up on me – the sulk I mean. Sneaky sulk … but am recovered and prepared to bask in the glow of loved ones … sigh what one must endure *cheeky grin* lol:)


  2. I’ve never been one to sulk about my birthdays, either… but that could be because I’m only 33. I thought I would sulk at 30, but it never came (okay, there was the crying jag in the shower, but that was because I was alone on my birthday, not because I was 30, lol) Maybe it will come at 35? Maybe 40? I don’t know. One of the perks of being a narcissist, perhaps? Because I only get sad on my birthday when others forget that it’s my birthday, LOL.

    Glad to hear you booted the birthday blues, though… and Happy Birthday to you! May there be many more in your future, each a joyful marker of one more year full of love, happiness and friendship!


    • Thanks – it was just a ‘little’ sulk – I find it hard to see myself as a ‘responsible’ adult in the way I viewed my parents at that age. And hey nothing wrong with a dose of narcissism – keeps others on their toes.


      • LOL! The irony of it is, our parents probably felt the same way we feel right now when they were our age… they probably looked at us and said How the hell am I old enough to be the parent of an XX year old??? Who thought this was a good idea! ^_^


    • Other side of the world here. We’re just coming out of Summer and since I live in Tropical North Queensland summer mean really hot and really humid.

      It has the same effect I would imagine as a bitterly cold overlong snowy winter in making you feel just washed out after awhile. I’m looking forward to Autumn/Winter as it gets cooler here but rarely below 20C in this part of the country.


  3. Many Happy Returns on Your Solar Return, lady! Adding another notch to the year belt only means you’ve gained that much more experience, more time to write, more time to be.
    But I also agree with NapTimeThoughts, both my boyfriend and I have been experiencing similar emotions, as have a fair few others. It’s within the earth’s vibrations I guess!


  4. Oh, Jenni, I just now read this. Happy Birthday! So glad you’re over the sulks. Take every day as a brand new gift from the universe and re-choose! And just so you feel a big younger, My 64th is this year! You have a grand life ahead of you, sweet one! Cheer up. So much more to plan for. 😀


  5. You don’t need to grow up Jenni. I love your height; having to stoop down to kiss you good night; having to bend to hug.

    You already possess wisdom; acuteness of wit; sharpness of intellect; and the ability to be self-indulgent on rare occasions; such as your birthday; which, in essence, passed quite quickly, some pain, with a panache of joy, love, and happiness.


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