15 thoughts on “Dangerous Driving

      • I needed a little pick-me-up from the sulk attack I’ve been having at turning 44 today. Sigh … it appears despite my efforts that I am actually going to have to grow up. Sad…so sad.. 🙂


      • I am at your place now, love the new look. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

        I wish I could be a toys R us kid too, life says no way.
        But truly….happy birthday. 🙂 🙂 🙂
        I turned 46 in Jan.


      • Yeah – well I haven’t given up on my whole freezing time idea quite yet. But thanks a lot for the best wishes.

        I’ll be around your blog later this evening once I’ve got through the ridiculous amount of emails and new posts from the different blogs I follow. Take care Jen.


    • Isn’t he just the cutest little button – he’s just one of those kids designed to cuddle. I still can’t figure out if this is just a case of a great photo moment or if it is posed ’cause honest that kid is out cold in the land of nigh/nigh.


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