Day of the Cabbage


Do you ever have days when the highest form of thought you’re capable of achieving wouldn’t compare to the sentience of a cabbage?  I do and boy was yesterday one of them.  If you had spied me sitting here staring at the computer keys I would have looked like some poor unfortunate time traveler dumped from the stone age and placed in front of the computer and asked to write about their life.  Yesterday the idea fairy went bye-bye and cognitive thought took a time out.  The computer  held as much appeal as doing the dishes, I mean honestly who LIKES doing the them, and actual thought was like swimming through a swamp filled with chloroform.   Let’s hope today holds something a little less soporific in nature.

What do you do when even though the lights are out you are actually still at home?  Share the different ways to avoid the day of the cabbage.

12 thoughts on “Day of the Cabbage

  1. I consume 30-40 short blacks.

    Smoke cigarettes.

    Stare at the work computer screen.

    Count my cigarettes.

    Make another coffee.

    Drive home.

    Stare into space at home.

    Meditate with vacuity of thought.

    Eat a meal bereft of cabbage.

    Avoid any ‘cabbagy’ dialogue with people.

    Escape into silence.

    Wake the next day; drink coffee; smoke a cigarette; avoid cabbage for breakfast.


    • It’s hard for me not to push. Because of the work I’ve done and the amount of writing it entails over the years I’m used to being able to write on demand. Now that I’m not writing for a client or a project it’s a little different and I have to get used it it again. It’s good advice just stepping back and letting it go for a bit.


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