Birthday Blues & Assorted Trauma

birthday bluesWell it’s coming and since I haven’t managed to stop time or make any impact on the space-time continuum I’m afraid I’m going to have to face it.  I’m getting older and it just doesn’t seem right.  Do you feel any different inside now than you did when young (and I don’t mean intestinal trouble) cause I sure don’t.

There is also the issue of the present, I’m never comfy with presents and I’m pretty sure it goes back to when I was a wee young lass who desperately wanted a kitten.  As I was the ONLY person in my family not allergic to cats it seemed unlikely that this would happen.  Until Nana comes forward with a box, pictures of kittens cut out and pasted on the outside and little air holes for the kitten to breathe while it waited to meet me.  Mum and Dad looked pissed but hey grandparents can do whatever RIGHT and then dad started to look concerned and angry which I didn’t really understand – but Oh I was about to.

cat in a boxFilled to the brim with the excitement only a kitten can give to a 10-year-old girl I took the box (lighter than I expected) and carefully removed the lid and saw …… A STUFFED TOY KITTEN.  Now I was old enough to know that regardless of the present you smiled and said thank you, you didn’t burst into tears and scream at your Nana.  Strangely enough I think my parents wanted to do that for me.  It was the first time I was truly exposed to my Nans sadistic side, I knew she liked to meddle and mess but I didn’t know how far it went.  She stood waiting for me to lose it so she could act hurt and make me into an ungrateful child and if there is one thing I am happy about is that I didn’t and I think it really pissed her off.  She didn’t get the show she was after.

I paid for that about some time later as did mum and dad for telling her off in private.  She did her wide-eyed Oh it was just a bit of fun routine but it wasn’t enough she didn’t get the whole drama.  A little while later I was over at her place for the night as either my sister or brother was sick.  I had long very curly hair, which for some reason my Nanna hated – she herself had quite short hair.

bowel cutWell when mum came to pick me up I had a bowl cut with Nanna saying that since I was going to school she thought she’d help out.  Mum had mentioned taking me for a haircut – a trim really so Nana used that and said since she had cut her boy’s hair for school she thought she would help mum and do mine.  Needless to say I was miserable but the look on my mothers face – well we were out of there so fast and mum was white and shaking.  Even though I was young I made the connection between Nana not getting what she wanted and me having my hair shorn like a sheep.  So as a result I’ve never been an avid fan of the present – who knows what you might get.

8 thoughts on “Birthday Blues & Assorted Trauma

  1. Oh wow! How associations can be life changing, huh? When is your birthday? Yay for Pisces. Mine is the 12th. I am amazed at how many WordPress bloggers I am finding born this month – – creativity abounds. Great post. And I called mine Nanna too! But with One N. I see you’re spelling it both ways here?


    • Can’t seem to make up my mind as to how many N’s so I split it both ways.

      My b’day is 13th, I was actually born of Friday the 13th – hmm might be something there. Yes we Pisceans do tend to be a creative and verbal bunch of star children.

      I remember reading that % wise the number of Pisceans listed amongst the great writers, actors and musicians is significantly greater than any other star sign. Of course we do have a significant % of those behind bars as well.

      Not sure how much credence I put into horoscopes etc but some things do tend to lead me to believe there may be something to it.


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