Childhood Memories of Home

Koi Fish in the Pond


It’s overcast so often and cold but when it’s warm there is the fish pond in the back yard.  I would sit and watch the different fish swirl and flash. My poor mother was always terrified that I’d fall in.

I was only 2yrs old but I remember the pond and the sun and mum always just a little bit away. Inside was dark and the carpet scratched. It’s all appears as miniature snaps of time as I was too little to gauge much.  The ice-cream truck came down our street and mum would pick me up and we’d wait in front. White window frames like in a story book but that is all I can recall. Odd that I can’t remember anything else from the house but we moved from there before I was three so maybe that’s why.

Daily Writing Prompt:  Our House

27 thoughts on “Childhood Memories of Home

  1. On my feed, that prompt was right under your post 🙂 What a beautiful setting your childhood home was!
    Where I was just laid off from had a Japanese style Garden in the back, and koi that were HUGE! Some were 18 years old, and just as many inches in length! How neat that you got to have them as part of your childhood 🙂


    • I only remembered the different colours and the the sound of mum saying don’t fall in. Now it’s better I get to snorkel on the reef – that is as long as our gov’t doesn’t damage it. I think I must have liked them so much when I was little that it lasted all through growing up. 🙂


      • 🙂 – I’m lucky to live in North Qld so it’s easier for me than most Aussies to take advantage. Although the other side is it is filthy hot in summer.


      • Aside from nature documentaries, the most I’ve seen of Australia is via Neighbors. It’s definitely on my list of places to venture to, if I can get over the length of the plane ride.


      • Yeah they can be a b**#h not to mention expensive. My husband doesn’t travel well AT ALL so I’m glad I did so much when I was younger because getting him on a plane for longer than 2 or 3 hours – not good, I’d have to dope him up.


      • Nope you either like flying or you fly drugged to the eyeballs with booze of sleepers to avoid anxiety attacks that can have you barred from airlines.


      • Booze has only been effective once. Last time I flew I made the mistake of getting far far far too drunk the night before, and having to stay up through the hang over to get on the plane. The anxiety mixed with the hangover was enough to deter me from that experiment ever again. I”m super against pills, but flying is one of those times that they are definitely a necessity


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