Getting By – Technology Aided Apathy?

Holistic Wayfarer has recently put up a post on the site A Good Blog is Hard To Find called Technology: The Dark Side of Efficiency , Part 1 and she was kind enough to suggest that my comment might be worth putting up as a post here.  The lady is very kind and didn’t even complain that I had turned a comment into a post.  Oops.  Regardless I thought about it and figured why not it is something that I consider important and I believe it will become more so over time as technology moves into all parts of our life.

I would suggest reading HW post prior to this and not just because it leads into my point but because it is a remarkable treatises on the changes we as people are facing with the rapid growth of technology.

one day of the yearThere is an Australian play called One Day of the Year which explores the rift between veterans of WWII and the generation that came after them. One of the lines has always stayed with me. It was when the son confronted his father about ANZAC Day and the battle at Gallipoli.

… fair enough is good enough huh, the only time we won our name was the time we lost…

While it is somewhat out of context in this situation I think the point that the young man was trying to make to his father can apply. When recognition is awarded for failure just as it would be for success, when things are given too easily or accomplished with little real effort it sends the message of ‘fair enough is good enough’. Why strive, why dream if everything is a button or click away. It leads to the attitude I heard often at uni – C’s get degrees. With no real reward for excelling most come to the conclusion of why bother – do enough to skate by – it’s all the same.

tech 2The same applies to social interaction. With friendship becoming a ‘like’ or a instagram how do people learn about compassion and empathy for others if their contact is focussed around technology and sound bites. How to tell the difference of a FB friend from real friendship – would they even know there was a difference?

I love tech and I admit quite freely I’m a gadget sort of girl but there is a balance and I fear that those growing up in this generation will have nothing else with which to gauge their lives by and as a result they will, in my opinion, be at a disadvantage when trying to navigate through the ‘real world’.

No insult to the ANZAC veterans and I was not suggesting the idea was correct only using the quote to open the way to point I wished to make.  Thank you for understand as the ANZACs have my deep respect.

4 thoughts on “Getting By – Technology Aided Apathy?

  1. Facebook and other forms of social media can sometimes put friendships in limbo. You are not communicating daily yet you maintain an appearance of still being in contact with friends. It can sometimes work against an active relationship because people aren’t talking, laughing and sharing. They are just liking, posting and updating.

    I tried to limit my social networking for this reason. If I love someone I make sure that Facebook isn’t my primary source for updates receiving updates on their life.


  2. ‘P’ s or ‘C’s may obtain degrees; as a friend so often states.

    5 HD’s and 2 D’s also obtain a degree with the intellectual, emotional, and personal development; and the opening of alternative career paths; and the exploration of ‘vocation’ and passion.

    In some ways I prefer email or writing letters via word processing than telephone conversations. There has been something fundamental and vital lost when people discontinued writing letters; the hand written letter; on specially designed paper; the art of reading the ‘space’ between words; the conveying of emotion through words and the ‘space’.

    Technology, for me, is a tool for work; and in a minimal way study; in which I utilize hard copy lecture notes and textbooks.

    Such is the life of a luddite.


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