Musical Memories – Boys of Summer

bullcock beach

The year was 1983 and I had just turned thirteen.  My family owned a holiday apartment at the Sunshine Coast on the waterfront and we spent at least a few weeks every there every Summer.  I will always remember the sun on the water, swimming out to the sandbanks and lying on the beach just drinking in the day.

That summer heralded my first crush, up until then boys were fine if somewhat annoying but that summer changed a few things.  When we arrived one of the first things I did was to go over to the lifesaving club as I had some friends there.  There was a new trainee and all of a sudden I turned into a girly girl.  Blushing and completely unable to make eye contact I never the less made sure I was somewhere in the vicinity at all times.

Poor boy having a little shadow dogging his steps but he never let on and never made me feel silly.  That year Don Henley’s Boys of Summer seemed to be playing on the radio almost constantly.  Even now that song conjures the feel of the sun, the smell of the ocean and the glorious terrifying feeling of my first summer crush.

Daily Prompt – Always something there to remind me

25 thoughts on “Musical Memories – Boys of Summer

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  17. I have special songs as well that I can only play at a certain time and in a certain mood because they hold so much weight.
    It sounds like a good experience, even if you were nervous and girly.;)
    I need to get to the beach, I’m done with the snow and the ice!


    • Music is wonderful and terrible that way with the feelings and memories they invoke, there are some pieces that I can no longer listen to since the pain associated is too much. But this is one that always makes me smile.

      I don’t blame you about the snow, from what others have said on different blogs it seems to be hanging around a little longer than normal – everyone seems to be going a little snow mad.

      Hang in there – I fairly sure the sun will make an appearance at some point. 🙂


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