Weekend Fun Challenge

Here we are once again approaching the week-end and it’s time for having a look at the funny.  Once again I would love to hear from others what they have found funny even if no one else did.  It can be a anything from a joke to an embarrassing moment for you or others and don’t forget those little pithy phrases stamped on bumper stickers, t-shirts or cartoons.  Come on share – I can keep a secret (of course I can’t speak for anyone else who may read it here).

Sarcasm - free service


My contribution to the merry this weekend comes courtesy of Giant Gag and as you can see is something in the  “The Higher Form of Wit” genre ….. snicker smirk and possibly a snicker snort.

Those who claim sarcasm as ‘The Lowest Form of Wit’  obviously don’t understand the workings of a sarcasm riddled cerebellum.

I do want you to know that this is a service I supply as a civic-minded sarcastic satirist.


21 thoughts on “Weekend Fun Challenge

  1. I have a joke for you 🙂
    Pretend I’ve walked up to you and I say: “I just lost my mood ring… I’m not quite sure how I feel about that.”

    That one gets me laughing with snorts everytime! Also the joke about elephants at the pool. Have you heard it?


      • That is terrible – and I’m hardly able to type this because I keep chuckling … their trunks. Ok my turn for an Aussie joke:

        Why did the koala fall out the tree?


      • No it’s not – it is a very old joke played on tourists in the bush and it’s a joke for their own good.

        You see when people think of Australian animals it’s all Koala’s, wombats and kangaroos what a lot of people fail to notice is that if it can kill you, bite you, eat you or poison you – it will be found right here. If you look up the most deadly just about anything in the world we make the top 5 just about every time.

        It was more a vigilance joke because of the size of some of the large pythons that live in the trees – you know not used to the real heat go sit under a tree – bye bye tourist. Not good for business, what is also not good for business is informing the tourist he shouldn’t sit under the tree in case he becomes lunch – hence the legend of the drop bear. Koala’s do aid in this as they are permanently drunk on Eucalyptus leaves and do have a tendency to tumble now and then.


      • That is so interesting!!! I was curious because we had some Australian visitors a few years back and they told us all about drop bears… But they also told us they rode to school on Kangaroos. You can see why I wasn’t so sure about the legitimacy hehe 🙂 Thanks for telling me


      • Was there anywhere in particular that you wished me to go or are you merely waiting for an embarrassing snippet?

        Perhaps I may be mistaken and what you’re really waiting for is some evidence of my supposed vaunted sarcasm. Afterall it is always good to know there is truth in the advertising – don’t you think Oh jaswofstrife.

        Quite apocalyptic that name – I am curious as to where and when I should prepare for the oncoming strife. Prudent planning – one does not wish to meet strife when less than prepared. Will you be sending out notifications in advance or will the strife merely rain from the sky? ..Hmmm lol :):) Thanks for coming to visit – and I do hope to see you here again – strife ridden or not.


      • Oh, the “go on…” comment was for the other commenter who didn’t appear to have finished the elephant joke at the time I read through the comments.

        If I send out a warning of oncoming strife, you would then prepare yourself to ease potential burden, thereby removing strife from the situation. This is all one giant surprise 🙂


      • Ahh – well the elephants were asked to leave the pool as they kept lowering their trunks.

        Mia Culpa for the confusion but hey I did promise the possibility of sarcasm – only now unwanted … sniffle sigh…

        And yes I was afraid that was your plan – launching a surprise strife attack – oh well one can but endure.



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