This Is What We’re Fighting To Save

Reef photo 1

I live in the Whitsunday’s in Queensland Australia and the Great Barrier Reef lies almost on my doorstep.  It is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World with coral and plant life seen nowhere else on this planet.  It’s ecosystem is a perfectly balanced but fragile dance that our Government would see harvested.



Reef photo 2


The colors and marine life here are unique – we share some similarities with some of the marine life in other reefs around the world but much of what lives here could not survive elsewhere.


Reef photo 3


I want this to be here for my son’s children to see and wonder at and not through pages in a book filled with photos of life now extinct.  To scuba dive and snorkel this place of wonder and such fragile beauty.

I have written a number of post bemoaning our government and asking for support for our petition but I realized that I had never truly shown you what it is we so desperately want to protect.  There is wonder and magic in these waters and I would not have it extinguished.   This is my home and I wanted to share that with you.

15 thoughts on “This Is What We’re Fighting To Save

  1. I’m a fellow Aussie who has found great distress at the policy of our Government in relation to this matter (and many others, though lets stay on topic)…

    Its been many years since I have visited, but when I did, it was absolutely gorgeous….




    • I know how you feel that last 2 weeks I have been filling up my Enjoy A Rant section with a variety of vitrol well thought out arguments aimed at our idiotic government both state and federal. Jen


      • The last two weeks (luckily for my blogging audience) have ones that life has stolen me away, and I have been too busy to get in here – rest assured rants would be a polite way of describing our in home commentary about the latest shenanigans our Government has been demonstrating (apparently in our name) *snorks*



      • snicker most likely accompanied by a smirk – what you don’t think our government has our best interests at heart – I’m shocked – deeply.



      • The frightening thing for me is, I actually do think they honestly believe they have the best interests of the country in mind when making these decisions.

        Really I do…

        And that is why I am SO very worried.

        It is a bit like the minimal number of women in minister positions – I ranted on about this for weeks in all my social media platforms – and bring it up every change I get.. lol (Case in point)… Rather than re typing my entire post in here – I’ll just provide the link:

        Yes, I’m worried, there is nothing quite as powerful as someone doing what they truly believe is the right thing to do – EVEN if they are wrong…

        What.a.mess 😦



      • I know what worries me even more is the punative attitude they have toward those who speak out (see the ABC issue) – and so early in the game so to speak. It’s that which makes me consider what it is they are setting us up for.

        Plus the whole attitude towards women by this Prime Minister is just weird – I mean he has a female “Assistant” to aid in addressing women’s issues not a minister – it’s basically saying its a secretarial position. :(:(


      • I did everything I could in my voting role to ensure I provided absolutely no assistance for the Liberal party to be voted in.

        I was disappointed when it became evident they were. But I was hopeful that something positive would emerge. Something. Anything.

        Not yet.

        I hope they are out after one term, if not before, though granted sometimes it does take time to experience the benefit of some policy.

        A win based on 3 and 4 word slogans, with very little policy detail, what on earth was this country thinking.

        ‘Stop the Boats’. – At what cost? Murder. Give.Me.A.Break.


      • I had withdrawn from the more front line protests in my early 30’s – work, family etc and just gave money and signed petitions but in the last 2 years I’ve had to get off my sidelines perch and dust off the protest hat.

        Back to providing press releases, organising meetings and wrangling the media – all pro bono since unlike our government who get paid whether they do their job or not the groups I work for put all their funds back into their protest campaigns.

        I must admit I do enjoy it but I am more aware of the long term issues that could arise if we are not successful in some cases. I was just angry at injustice when I was young and I still am but now I worry about how one injustice can lead to the next and then we have what happened on Manus Island or something even worse.

        So we keep trying, keep making noise and I think there are some things we can stop and some I fear we will just have to witness – I hope not but unless things change greatly I think it may.

        Well not a nice thought – but I still think there is much that can be done. Jen x


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