Shopping As A Military Excercise.

shopping mall

Once upon a time shopping was fun. Now the only way to survive a major shopping centre is with the precision and planning of an elite military strike.

  1. Identify the target product,
  2. Plot the route to and from the target
  3. Include alternative backup routes in case excess stroller or walker traffic. (those grannies will run you down if you let them)
  4. After that there is THE CAR PARK where for some reason people seem to think that road rules are only suggestions, guidelines even.

Really makes you want to drive a tank on shopping day – like to see someone try and steal my spot then.

12 thoughts on “Shopping As A Military Excercise.

  1. This is why I plan ahead so I can order everything online and if you do have to go to the shops bulk buy so you don’t have to go again- I have ten unopened shower gels in my bathroom right now haha I’ve learnt from my mum. Growing up if I went “I need you to go to the shop like soon, I’m out of shampoo” she would go to her cupboard and be like “here’s three I bought earlier” haha


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