The Fight Is On


Reef fight goes legal



It’s on ladies and gentlemen we’re taking the fight for the reef to court .  The fight to prevent the dredging and dumping of waste into the Great Barrier Reef has gone legal.

Overwhelming support both vocal and financial has meant that we can challenge the government over its decision.  Already Lend Lease one of the largest developers in Australia has pulled out of the expansion of the Abbot Point Coal terminal and international outrage and condemnation every from the International Monetary Fund means that support for changing the reefs protected status is dwindling at an alarming rate (alarming for the government not for those who have been fighting this stupidity).

Lend Lease Pulls outThere is still much further to go but it is no longer a foregone conclusion and we have proved to our arrogant Prime Minister and the puppet theatre he calls a parliament that we will not accept the dictates of lunacy and destroy that which makes Australia great.

Congratulations must go to The Australian Youth Climate Coalition for applying the pressure to Lend Lease with such satisfying results.  Thank you also to all of those who used the link from a previous post to sign the petition that helped get us this far.

8 thoughts on “The Fight Is On

  1. Great initiative. But for sustaining the argument, you need to provide a viable cost -benefit analysis and an alternate way forward path. What thoughts do you hold on that?

    The Australian government, just like any other government do need to cater to many disparate constituencies and what sometimes looks like discordant actions stems from this compulsion.



    • I do understand the need to balance the needs of populace as a whole as it applies to economic fiduciary based planning and development. What angers me that are a number of sustainable options already in place that if given support would create just as many jobs and meet long term security of budget as there are in the field of primary industry such as mining.
      I personally worked with the ALPGA on the Go Green Go Clean autogas challenge. It was a five year campaign aimed at increasing the use of LPG conversions in motor vehicles. During that time I worked closely with a number of other sustainable energy alternatives that provided extra balance for my clients campaign.
      What has angered me the most is the despite their fine words such policies as the would introduce provide no real long term security and in fact can create issues that would lead to a downturn in economic stability. It the arrogance on the part of this government that is displayed with (up until now) an almost complete disregard to the wishes of those they are meant to represent and those who offer alternative means to economic stability.
      Even the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have criticized our governments disregard of what should be the future of the Australian Economy. Steadfast denial in the face of overwhelming evidence shows a degree of arrogance bordering on the meglomanical.
      I did mention that was the rant section didn’t I and if I didn’t you probably realise it now by the tirade I have just delivered. I apologise for my tendency to soap box those issues that I hold close. Thank you for visiting and I promise I don’t usually jump down a persons throat for offering another perspective.


    • Thanks – have you ever travelled to Australia and seen it yourself? There are so many wonderful pictures shot there but the reality is even more beautiful. I don’t understand how our government thought it could get away with their plans and I understand even less how they could even consider it. Oh well who knew that I would be dusting of the protest in the streets hat after all these years.


    • I know – I am guilty of ‘happy’ dancing (which no one should ever be visually subjected to) round my study when that notification was sent through, so HI HO HI HO IT’S OFF TO COURT WE GO… 🙂


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