New Week New Rant Old Wounds

The darker side of love

I’m carrying such anger and darkness in my heart for others right now and if I don’t explain why to someone then I’m afraid it could eat me alive.  This feeling of antagonism I have carried for the last couple of days have been one  engendered by steep disappointment.

It seems that despite everything people really aren’t all that nice – you’re shocked I can tell.  Well maybe not shocked and if I’m honest I’m not really shocked either.  What does shock me is the average persons general inability to act decently toward others regardless of their opinion.

It costs nothing to remember the feelings of others – even if you don’t care about any but yourself it still costs nothing to treat others as you would wish to be treated.  How do people not know this?  Is is hard?  Am I missing something – it’s not brain surgery people its common human decency have we all forgotten what that is?  If you think I’m overreacting then take a look at the final spark to the tinder of my temper.

A Teaching Aid For Autism as featured on Harsh Reality

12 thoughts on “New Week New Rant Old Wounds

  1. WTF! There’s only one reason, and one reason alone I could see would be able to justify the filming of this incident – and that would be to prove that the chairs can be a trap and not suitable, and new chairs should be ordered. Instead – you get a teacher that’s a complete bitch, and a poor kid stuck in a chair. *sigh*


    • I know – in this case I think it is just plain out and out evil to behave that way toward a child – regardless of any argument you could come up with there is never an excuse for something like that.


  2. Thanks for sharing. Awareness is worth the pain of watching and reading such things. The moment the “world” turns away is the moment such things like this become more common and the outrage less. -OM


  3. Pending your view of my comment on that page (which I’m sure you’ll see), I’m sorry in advance.

    Although I firmly stand by what I said, there should always be a limit on what is acceptable lessons and what are not. Keeping his head in the chair for a couple of minutes to teach him not to do it again and to learn problem solving skills, is something that most parents would do with their own children. I honestly see no harm in it whatsoever.

    With that said though, 15 minutes was a bit exaggerated. She should never have let it go on for that long. And she certainly should not have shown the video to the class. That was terrible judgment on her part. People do need to show compassion and respect for others.

    However, lessons are still a vital part of a child’s development. Again, it’s all about how the lessons are taught, the past incidents that led up to the lesson at hand and the intentions behind the lesson. If it is truly to teach, then that’s one thing. But, if it’s done out of sport and for someone’s personal entertainment, then that’s entirely different and wrong. Without knowing the full story behind the incident, it’s very difficult to judge her actions (with the exception of her playing the video of course – which was completely uncalled for).


    • You never have to worry about your comments as that is part of what I want from this blog – not just a forum to spout my ideas but a place to talk about what I feel is important and discuss the topic from a variety of different aspects and gather the views of others. – All knowledge is worth having.

      I think that it is the intent behind keeping him there and casual cruelty of filming it that truly angers me. I understand quite well the need for structured behaviour in the school environment and the need to walk the line between teaching a lesson and delivering a punishment.

      What this appears to be is a case of callous indifference and worse a morbid humour as exhibited by the film and the uploading of a film. Add to that the fact that the child in question lives with Autism what we have here is a case of abuse in my opinion, whether the teacher sees it that way or not.


      • Thank you, Jenni. I feel the same. Being able to share our thoughts and opinions is part of what makes the blogging platform so wonderful.

        I can certainly see your point. Just the fact that she chose to video tape it, leads one to question her motives. The act of teaching a lesson is quite different than that of wicked selfish entertainment. I’d be curious to know the whole story behind this. It’s easy to draw conclusions based off of what we do see, but what about what we don’t see. I’m sure there’s much more to this situation than what the news is reporting.

        Even though we may disagree on certain elements of this, thank you for having the discussion with me. I appreciate and enjoy being able to discuss such touchy subjects without fear of being ‘hated’ for my opinions. So again, thank you.


  4. I don’t think it’s a *teachers* place to leave a kids head stuck in a chair at all, not even for a few minutes (let alone fifteen). To me, that’s well beyond the scope of the kind of ‘lessons’ teachers should be allowed to teach. Fact is, they are *not* parents of the children in their classrooms, and they’re in an environment (a classrom) where public shaming becomes a part of it, and that wouldn’t likely be a factor if a kid got his head stuck in a chair at home and his/her mom or dad decided to let him stay stuck for a few minutes.

    I get that if a kid (autistic or not) is sticking his head where it doesn’t go, or doing something else that’s kind of stupid, and it happens at home then sure, the parents can feel free to teach their kid a lessone (although even then I’d still say 15 minutes a pretty long time to be stuck in a position like that). But to me the range of disciplinary tactics a parent can use goes well beyond what a teacher can use, particularly in a classroom setting.

    It’s not like I’m against disciplining children either (e.g. I’ve got no problem with spanking), but I just don’t get where anyone thinks it’s okay for a teacher to go the route this one did, or as far as she did with it. I’m not really sure what to think about parents that back her or support her at all. To me, whether the consequence is big or small (i.e. fired vs. temporarily suspended), there’s no question that it was a big screw up on her part, that it was stupid, and that it was a mistake. In other words, she doesn’t necessarily need to be crucifified or punished wildly out of proportion to what actually happened, but there’s nothing about what she did that deserves to be downplayed, shrugged off as okay, or supported.

    My two cents.


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