Sara Douglass – The Crucible Trilogy

I loved this series and even though she is more well known for her novels, Battle Axe, Enchanter and Starman (which I enjoyed thoroughly) I found these more to my taste simply because that period in history has always fascinated me.  I hope I will have encouraged you to take a peek at what these books hold as I think that once you start reading you will be hard pressed to put them down.





They teeter on the edge of hell, the select priests who do the will of the angels…Reveal this secret to any other, and you can be sure that the angels themselves will ensure your death So each single priest named by the angels has been told before being entrusted with the horrifying responsibility. These priests have made the lone journey to the Cleft, there to perform certain duties …incantations to ensure that the spawn of angels and humans do not wreak havoc on earth. Wynkyn de Worde has undertaken the journey from Rome to Nuremberg over one hundred times, but now the plague ravages Europe, and this time his health, too, fails. A visitation from the Archangel Michael ensures that another will follow Wynkyn, but in the decade between succession, will the godless fill the land … In this the first book of the series we are introduced to main players in this saga, Brother Thomas Neville charged with taking up the work of Wyhkyn de Worde, Joan of Arc who is raised up by the Archangel Michael to strengthen France and save it from the Demon King.  But everything is not as it seems and as Thomas is drawn deeper into the fight questions rise – is he on the side of right?



The Demon King now rules England and Thomas even after having broken from the church to marry Margaret is  determined to fulfill his duties – the first of which is to find the casket containing all the information and incantations that will aid him in his quest.  Margaret now married with a child is torn between her frustration with Thomas and the growing need for love – will he ever love her or is she always to be an unwanted burden taken only for her beauty and for the child that he loves.  We track to moves as the new king flexes his authority and the balance of power shifts away from Thomas and his allies including Prince Hal. Who will prevail – Thomas faces a choice to risk much to gain the casket and we see played out a great betrayal – but who is the the one betraying who.


the - crippled - angel


In this final book questions are raised and answered as to who and what people really are and it is in that understanding and knowledge that the fate of all humanity hangs. We see trust broken yet again as Thomas fights to find his way to do what he feels he must.  But the angels have a secret and it is one that may damn him and all of humanity if he does not find a third path to take.






4 thoughts on “Sara Douglass – The Crucible Trilogy

    • It is very well worth the read – the first is a little hard to get into as the character Thomas sometimes grates but that is part of the evolution of the story so it is worth putting up with him and his attitude 🙂


    • Not really my usual either but once I read them they did rank up with my favorites. You do need to persevere with the first at the character Thomas Neville fills you with the desire to whack him upside his head but as you go on you realize that is part of the story and that there is a reason for it.


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