Hi higher horizons!

I really enjoyed this and as I have decided weekends are time to put the soapbox rants aside and just enjoy the fun I thought this was more than appropriate.

lita doolan productions

photo 3

Three men jump on big bouncing balls that catapult across the stage engaging us in their world. Like a ball bearing flying across a pinball machine our eyes dart over the stage. The relaxed gesture of the men that are not involved in the dare devil stunt taking place centre stage draw as much attention by their inner calm that juxtapose a stillness to the crazy caper taking over the space.

The local theatres are full of dance this weekend.  As the city celebrates movement  I am curious to investigate what it is about contemporary dance that is pure fun.  The lighting design is backlit in spots of aqua to suggest a world underneath the water as an inflatable shark enters the scene, flashing lights are all encompassing then a candy pink light takes us to the world of the circus where these incredible acrobats draw their skills. The death…

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4 thoughts on “Hi higher horizons!

  1. Gobsmacked! My first ever reblog. Jenni I am flattered because your writing is beautiful. This is high praise!!

    Wishing you a terrific weekend and thank you. So glad you enjoyed! They are continuing to dance around Oxford this weekend so lots of fun ahead.

    Happy days! ;-D

    Lita x


  2. At 47, am I too old to learn gymnastics and circus feats?

    Not run away to join the circus; Jenni you too would have to perform; on stage; it might involve clowns.

    A type of dance of the psyche; mind; emotions; and spirit.

    I love the way that you can immerse yourself in such a performance; a totality of immersion; a type of connection to the performer; ala the readers connection to a work; the viewers connection to a film; but also a different type of connection on multi-colored levels.


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