Whole New Take on End of Days

Gods Kitchen

It’s so hot here at the moment that when I saw this I went ‘I knew it‘ Tony Abbott (our prime minister) is evil and he’s going to get us boiled alive.

I mean if you believe that God created the earth (I’m not saying he did just if) he might be a bit put out with the way it’s being treated.

Here in Australia we have some animals and plants found nowhere else on this planet and the Barrier Reef is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World – he obviously put a lot of time in here and perhaps he’s a little ticked.

Regardless of what you believe it isn’t smart to anger Deities – they tend to smite.

9 thoughts on “Whole New Take on End of Days

  1. Wow. This really hits home for me. Here in San Diego we have a serious drought happening (I am going to shudder when I see the effect on our produce prices) and I am having a really difficult time with this year-round summer thing. I haven’t been able to use the fireplace even once yet and the stores have their stupid bikinis out already! Ugh. Rain symbolizes renewal/rejuvenation and invigorates me while heat conveys feeling drained, wilting and death (for me!) So I am one of those people who gets depressed from too much sun. The opposite of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) I suppose. Weird, I know. But there it is. “BRING BACK WINTER!” Wanna march in protest with me??


    • Hell yeah – it’s sooo much easier to warm up than to cool down. I even sleep better when it’s cold (nothing like a good snuggle under a comfy doonah when chilly) – and as for rain – it’s been pouring here but not nice break the heat wave rain oh noooo but humid oppressive it’s time to build and ark rain. Maybe we should start a petition and forward it on – anyone have the address of a deity handy?


    • Yes well I doubt either of our countries would be on the nice list as it pertains to the environment so we’ll probably be swapping weather patterns when the seasons turn. I mean seriously last year it flooded in Toowoomba – which is on top of a freakin’ mountain and took out the small communities at the base when a wall of water just came crashing down. It had to be a smiting how the hell else does a mountain top flood I ask you.


    • Oh trust me don’t want this heat – when you step out of the air-con in your car etc your glasses fog up even in the house and when the rain hits the road – steam rises (not kidding). Most special of all is the fact that there is no deodorant this side of anywhere strong enough to handle the odor of manly miners and engineers as they drop into the shops on their way home.


      • If the gods are kind yes but in the North Qld tropics Autumn and Winter are really just about being less hot than summer. We will get about a week or 2 of cold (which for us is about 5 degrees overnight and up to 10/12 during the day). Honest it’s not as bad normally we’re just in the monsoon/cyclone season so its hot sticky with rainfall that indicates the need for an ark at times.


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