Color by Number

I really enjoyed this blog and given the last couple of days for me it is somewhat apt.

HarsH ReaLiTy

You predefine where I can draw a line.
Or tell me how to write a rhyme.
But you cannot choose the color of the day.

You tell me what goes with what.
If I am silly or acting a nut.
But a question I have if I may?

Who has the final say on matters?
On this, that, or the later.
Whoever made these rules we use.

For rules are at the root of the issue.
I despise them, I will never miss you.
For with them I feel the abuse.

You confine my creative nature.
With your color by number legislature.
Free me from these external constraints.

And with the bonds now loose, I walk free.

To soar like a bird, whatever I want to be.
To color anything, free of restraint.


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